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Parent Portal (Aspen)

Use the Parent Portal to easily and conveniently check grades, attendance, and other information about your student's progress.

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The New Aspen Parent Portal

Chicago Public Schools is excited to announce that starting April 22nd, 2019, Parent Portal will be replaced with a new system called Aspen. Aspen will provide the same capabilities of the old Parent Portal while adding new features including Graduation Requirements, Student Fees and a new, easy-to-use mobile interface.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To access the new Aspen Parent Portal, all current portal users and parents who are interested in creating an account for the first time must set up a new account. Existing Parent Portal accounts will not automatically be transferred to Aspen. Follow the steps below to set up a new Aspen Parent Portal Account.

Parent Portal Minimum Computer Requirements

For PC

Windows operating system*, such as XP or Vista; and Internet Explorer versions 6 or 7 or recent releases of Firefox or Safari.

The Parent Portal also supports Konqueror on the Linux platform.

* Minimum Windows requirements: 486/66-MHx processor; Windows 98; 16 MB RAM; 12 MB of free hard drive space.

For Mac

Mac OS 9 operating system; and Internet Explorer 5.17, Firefox, or Safari; or Mac OS X operating system; and Internet Explorer 5.2 or greater, Firefox, or Safari.

Video Resources

To learn more about Aspen’s features, watch the videos below:

Registration Process [ English ]


PLEASE NOTE: The Aspen Parent Portal account creation process has been simplified! The second email has been removed. Once you click "Create my Account," go ahead and log directly on to the Parent Portal.

Proceso de registro de una cuenta [ Español ]


TENGA EN CUENTA: ¡Hemos simplificado el proceso de la creación de cuenta de Portal para Padres! Se ha eliminado el segundo correo electrónico. Una vez que haga clic en "Crear mi cuenta", siga adelante e inicie sesión en el Portal para Padres.

Parent Portal Navigation [ English ]


Cómo navegar por el Portal para Padres [ Español ]