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Parent Portal (Aspen)

Use the Parent Portal to easily and conveniently check grades, attendance, and other information about your student's progress.

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Aspen E-Absence FAQs

Making a Payment for a Student Fee [ Video (English) ]

Parent Portal- Making an Online Payment [ English | Spanish ]

Aspen Parent Portal Navigation Guide for Parents

To learn more about E-Absence and other Aspen features, watch the videos below:

E-Absence - What Does the Parent or Guardian Do


E-Absence - What Does the Attendance Coordinator Clerk Do


Registration Process [ English ]


PLEASE NOTE: The Aspen Parent Portal account creation process has been simplified! The second email has been removed. Once you click "Create my Account," go ahead and log directly on to the Parent Portal.

Proceso de registro de una cuenta [ Español ]


TENGA EN CUENTA: ¡Hemos simplificado el proceso de la creación de cuenta de Portal para Padres! Se ha eliminado el segundo correo electrónico. Una vez que haga clic en "Crear mi cuenta", siga adelante e inicie sesión en el Portal para Padres.

Parent Portal Navigation [ English ]


Cómo navegar por el Portal para Padres [ Español ]