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Health and Safety

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COVID-19 Travel Guidance

View the latest travel guidance from the CDPH for international and domestic travel.


Vaccination Opportunities

All Chicagoans age 12 and older are now eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Find information below about locating vaccination sites, scheduling appointments and protecting yourself and your community.

Book Your Vaccination

Students and families are invited to make an appointment to get vaccinated at a CPS school-based site. The vaccine is free for all and no proof of insurance nor citizenship is required.

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Find a Vaccination Site

Protect yourself, your family and your community. Find a convenient CPS COVID-19 vaccine location on our map. Visit for more locations throughout the city of Chicago.

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COVID-19 Testing

Helping families and staff access COVID-19 testing is critical as we go back to school.

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Pediatric COVID-19 Testing Sites

View a list of pediatric COVID-19 testing sites in the Chicago area.

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Safe & Clean Learning Environment

During a global pandemic, risk exists for any public gathering. However, to mitigate these risks, the district has developed a comprehensive plan that includes health and safety policies and procedures aligned to local, state, and federal guidance.

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Safety Best Practices

During COVID-19, families and staff should make every effort to adhere to these safety best practices when returning to school.

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Tracking COVID-19

Actionable case counts represent all confirmed COVID-19 cases, including those that were reported as a result of a test taken inside of a school and those self-reported outside of a school. Case counts are not a measure of transmission in schools and numerous studies have shown that schools are not sites of significant COVID-19 transmission.

This information is updated after impacted individuals are notified. The last update was  .

Total Reported Actionable Cases


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Information About Reporting and Terminology

  • Number of Cases Reflected: Previous daily and weekly case counts may change as outstanding cases are closed. Some cases involve individuals who were present in multiple schools. In those cases, the individual is reflected in each school visited where there were close contacts. For that reason, the total number of individuals who tested positive will not match the school-by-school totals in this chart.
  • Please note that last year the district had a number of pod impacts. As our students have returned to five days a week of in-person education, pod data are no longer available.
  • Data Entry & Case Confirmation: The data represents confirmed, actionable cases reported as a result of testing inside of a school or self-reported outside of a school. Data corresponds with the dates of confirmation of the case and subsequent notification to the school community, not when an individual began reporting symptoms.