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Back-to-School Packets

Get ready for school with our Back-to-School Packets, a collection of resources to prepare parents and students for the year ahead.

Enrollment Procedures/Requirements

The first time a child enrolls in a district school, the parent, legal guardian, or temporary caregiver must present proof of their child’s age and Chicago residency, and the required medical forms before the start of the school year.

Student Rights and Responsibilities Booklet

The Student Rights & Responsibilities is adopted by the Chicago Board of Education each year to help create a safe and supportive learning environment for all students and school personnel. The handbook contains the Student Code of Conduct (SCC), which sets forth clear expectations for responsible student behavior.

Parent and Student Calendars

Elementary School Promotion Policy

CPS elementary school promotion policies ensure all students are prepared for the grade to which they are promoted.

Safety Is Everybody’s Responsibility

High School Graduation Requirements

CPS high school graduation requirements were developed to prepare students for success after high school. Students have flexibility in choosing courses to meet the requirements.

Directory and Recruiter Opt-Out Information

View instructions on how you can prevent the release of your child’s student directory information. An Opt-Out Form is enclosed for your convenience.

Aspen Parent Portal

The Aspen platform provides students and families with convenient access to grades, attendance, and additional information about student progress.

Chicago Connected

Chicago Connected is a groundbreaking program that provides no-cost, high-speed internet service to CPS students and their families.


E-Absence allows parents and guardians to submit and track your student’s absences online. That means no more making last-minute phone calls or completing paper forms.