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Technology Devices

Technology plays a central part of your student’s daily life at school. If your student receives a CPS-issued technology device from their school, they are required to bring it back and forth from home to school each day. Personal technology devices cannot be used at school and should not be brought to school. 

Please refer to the following guidance re your student’s CPS-issued device:

*CPS does not issue MacBooks or smart phones as student technology devices. Please consult the manufacturer or service provider for details on how to use these devices.

Connecting to the Internet

Students will log into the school’s wi-fi network. Students can do this by selecting the “CPS Network” from their available wi-fi networks, entering their CPS account username and password.

Google Education Suite

Once connected to the internet, students will log into Google Education suite. Chrome and Safari web browsers are recommended for accessing CPS web resources.

Shared or Sharing Devices

Students should refrain from sharing their personally assigned technology device to minimize disease transmission. In instances where a student must use a shared technology device during the school day, it should be properly sanitized between use.

Transporting a Device

Students should follow these protocols when transporting their technology devices back and forth from school.

  1. Devices should be protected in the students’ school bag or backpack and it is recommended that students use a case or protective sleeve for transportation to and from school.
  2. When carrying a device in a backpack, students should avoid throwing the backpack or sitting it down hard. They should also avoid leaving it in places where it can be accidentally kicked and keep it away from sharp objects in the bag.
  3. Students should not use their devices on public transportation for their own safety.
  4. Students should keep all food and drinks away from the device.
  5. Students should not leave the device in a car. Computers cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold and may become damaged.
  6. Chromebook/laptop lids should always be closed and tightly secured when moving. Do not carry these devices while the screen is open.
  7. Unplug your device when it is not charging.
  8. Students should charge their device at home overnight, so that it is ready for learning the next day.

Tech Support

If you need assistance troubleshooting an issue with a CPS-issued technology device, please contact your school’s tech coordinator or let your teacher know so proper assistance can be identified.

If you are learning through the district’s Virtual Academy and experiencing issues with a CPS-issued device, you can receive support through the Family Tech Support portal or by calling the Help Desk at 773-417-1060.

Troubleshooting Guidance

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