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Accountability Redesign

What is Accountability Redesign?

As part of the district’s work to develop a new system for school quality, the accountability redesign initiative will engage our city’s education stakeholders to inform the creation of a new school accountability system to promote equity and excellence in our schools.

Why It's Needed

The district is committed to measuring student and school performance, and the district’s current school accountability system, School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP), has been a national exemplar about how to use data to inform school communities.However, we have heard feedback from our community that SQRP can be improved upon to better account for systemic inequities and optimized to support critical aspects of the district’s work. In response, the district will partner with our community to develop a new system to better serve school communities and the district.

Accountability Redesign Goals

Key goals of the new SQRP go beyond traditional school ratings to include:

Providing a more complete picture of school performance and progress:

The district has formed a new advisory group that will seek to better portray the various ways in which schools have improved and are serving the needs of their diverse student populations.

Improving the district’s capacity to support schools:

Effective accountability systems are tied to strong school support, and the new system should ensure that every school is effectively supported.

Providing clear information to parents and the public:

By better understanding what parents and other stakeholder groups want measured and reported, the new system should help each family choose the school that best meets their child’s unique needs and advocate for the support their school community needs.

Accountability Redesign Stakeholder Engagement Process

CPS has formed a diverse advisory group to review materials, research system designs, incorporate parent and stakeholder feedback, and provide recommendations for an improved SQRP that promotes equity and stability. The advisory group includes Board of Education members, experts from UChicago Consortium on School Research and UIC’s Center for Urban Education Leadership, principals, teachers, and student representatives.

To gather feedback from community members on potential ways to strengthen how we measure school quality, we are holding targeted conversations with key CPS stakeholder groups such as Local School Councils and Community Action Councils. In early March 2021, the district held four town halls to solicit feedback from stakeholders across Chicago and inform the public of our existing accountability system.

Community feedback will be combined with research and data on school quality measurements of CPS schools to present an SQRP redesign to the Board of Education for approval in April 2022. This new SQRP will be applied to the 2022-2023 school year.


If you have questions or wish to provide feedback, please email us at