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Accountability Redesign

The Advisory Group's Conclusion

Our Accountability Redesign Advisory Group has concluded its initial phase of meeting in order to give recommendations to the district. This work has culminated in the creation of a report on the process and recommendations of the group.

You can read the full report on the Process and Recommendations of the Advisory Group below. For information on the various meetings and proceedings of the group please find all meeting materials in the Advisory Group Meeting Materials section at the bottom of this page.


What is the Accountability Redesign Advisory Group?

CPS has formed a diverse advisory group to review materials, research system designs, incorporate parent and stakeholder feedback, and provide recommendations for an improved accountability policy that promotes fairness and stability. The advisory group includes Chicago Board of Education members, experts from UChicago Consortium on School Research and UIC’s Center for Urban Education Leadership, principals, teachers, students, parents, and caregivers. Out of a commitment to openness and transparency in the district’s decision-making process, materials from these meetings will be available to the public on the accountability redesign website. In addition to posting the meeting materials and reports publicly, the advisory group will use the data included in the reports to inform their draft recommendations.

Goals of the Advisory Group

  • Learn about accountability best practices
  • Hear about potential solutions to key questions about accountability design
  • Process stakeholder feedback
  • Synthesize best practices, potential solutions, and stakeholder feedback into policy recommendations for the district.

Members of the Advisory Group

Board of Education Representatives

  • Sendhil Revuluri, Vice President, Chicago Board of Education
  • Elizabeth Todd-Breland, Board Member

CPS School Representatives:

  • Barton Dassinger, Principal, Chavez Multicultural Academic Center Elementary School
  • Marquita Jones, Special Education Teacher, Phoenix Military Academy High School
  • Josh Long, Principal, Southside Occupational Academy High School
  • Juan Carlos Ocon, Principal, Juarez Community Academy High School
  • Rodolfo Rojas, Principal, Everett Elementary School
  • Rashid Shabazz, Principal, Wadsworth Elementary School
  • Michelle Velez, Teacher, De Diego Elementary Community Academy
  • Ryan Belville, Principal, McAuliffe Elementary School
  • Alahrie Aziz-Sims, Principal, Bogan High School

CPS Parent/LSC Representatives

  • Nastassia Ballard, Parent, Libby Elementary School
  • Vanessa Espinoza, Parent, Gunsaulus Elementary Scholastic Academy
  • Darlene O’Banner, Family/LSC Member, Earle Elementary School and Co-Chair, Englewood CAC

CPS Student Representatives

  • Sofia Fatima, Student, Amundsen High School
  • Ali Khan, Student and LSC Member, Mather High School

Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Representative

  • Paula Barajas, Special Education Teacher & English as a Second Language Teacher

Charter Stakeholders

  • Kyle Cole, Chief Academic Officer, Noble Charter Schools
  • Michael Salmonowicz, VP Operations, KIPP Chicago
  • Melissa Sweazy, Principal, Esmeralda Santiago Elementary School

Academic and Community Group Representatives:

  • John Q. Easton, Senior Fellow, UChicago Consortium
  • Natalie Neris, Chief of Community Engagement, Kids First Chicago
  • Paul Zavitkovsky, CUEL Developer (Continuous Improvement and Leader Development) and Policy Advocate, Center for Urban Education Leadership, UIC
  • Cata Truss, Member, Austin CAC
  • Areulia Davis, Member, North Lawndale CAC
  • James Patrick, Member, Greater Bronzeville CAC

District and City Representatives:

  • Liam Bird, Equity Policy Strategist, CPS
  • Julie Burnett, Director, K-16 Policy at City of Chicago
  • Julious Lawson, Chief, Network 11, CPS
  • Laura Lemone, Chief, Network 14, CPS
  • Richard Smith, Deputy Chief for Small High Schools, CPS
  • Hassan Chaudhry, Equity Data Strategist, CPS

Advisory Group Meeting Materials


If you have questions or wish to provide feedback, please email us at