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Stakeholder Engagement

A Brief History

 Stakeholder Conversations

Prior to the launch of the accountability redesign initiative’s current phase in February 2021, the district began holding small-group conversations with key CPS stakeholder groups such as parent advisory councils (PACs), Local School Council (LSC) members, and Community Action Councils (CACs). These key stakeholder groups are updated on a monthly to bimonthly basis to ensure they are informed about the work of the advisory group.

 Town Hall Meetings

In March 2021, the district held five town hall meetings to listen to stakeholders and provide a space and time to be heard by the district; to strengthen trust between the district and stakeholders; and to understand how stakeholders want to be engaged throughout the accountability redesign process. A report of the key trends and themes from the town hall meetings will be posted on the accountability redesign website.

 Focus Groups

In June 2021, the district’s partners at Kids First Chicago held 20 focus groups with a total of 161 participants, facilitated by a third-party facilitator using predetermined questions. The objectives of the focus groups were to understand how diverse stakeholders have experienced the current SQRP policy and its impact on school improvement; to understand the consequences and benefits of SQRP on stakeholders’ schools; and to understand how diverse stakeholders across CPS define quality in public schools in terms of both inputs and outputs. A report of the key trends and themes from the focus groups will be posted on the accountability redesign website.

What is the Stakeholder Engagement Design Team?

Recognizing that stakeholders with different identities, perspectives, and backgrounds will bring invaluable knowledge, talents, and insights to the design of a new accountability policy, CPS has established a Stakeholder Engagement Design Team (SEDT), centered in equity and always in service of students. The SEDT brings diverse expertise and perspectives into shared consideration for the co-creation of an equitable, human-centered stakeholder engagement plan.

Stakeholder Engagement Goals

The SEDT will lead the stakeholder engagement process and produce stakeholder recommendations for CPS and the Advisory Group to use in redesigning the district’s school accountability policy.

Inform Activities

Inform general plan for engagement & communication with stakeholder groups, then engage in participatory analysis of stakeholder engagement data and identify trends to be shared with advisory group.

Support Local Plans

Design and implement local and stakeholder-specific engagement activities to ensure stakeholders most impacted serve as collaborators in policy design.

Design Innovation

Support the development of informational content to be shared with stakeholders creatively throughout the engagement process.


Members of the Stakeholder Engagement Design Team

Kids First Chicago

  • Natalie Neris, Chief of Community Engagement, Kids First Chicago
  • Ana Mosqueda, Project Manager, Kids First Chicago
  • Hal Woods, Chief of Policy, Kids First Chicago

Researchers & Academics

  • Matthew E. Sweeney, MA, Senior Research Specialist, Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement, University of Illinois - Chicago
  • Paul Zavitkvosky, CUEL Developer (Continuous Improvement and Leader Development) and Policy Advocate, Center for Urban Education Leadership, UIC
  • Diana A Burnett, PhD, Senior Research Consultant
  • Kristin Moody, PhD, Senior Research Consultant


  • Lilia Guevara, Parent Advisory Board, Parent, García Acero HS
  • Brenda Rivera, Parent Advisory Board, Inter-American Elementary Magnet School, Network 5 Parent University Coordinator at Roberto Clemente HS
  • Areulia Davis Shakur, North Lawndale Community Action Council, North Lawndale College Prep HS
  • Karla Vanessa Espinoza, Parent, Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy, CPS School Funding Working Group, CPS SQRP Planning Team, CPS SQRP 3.0 Technical Advisory and Steering Committee (TASC), CPS SQRP 3.0 Design Committee, SQRP 3.0 Advisory Group, CPS Accountability Advisory Group

Principals, Teachers, & CPS Staff

  • Alahrie Aziz-Sims, Principal, Bogan High School
  • Gerald Morrow, Principal, Dunbar Vocational Career Academy
  • Ryan Belville, Principal, McAuliffe Elementary School
  • Macquline King, Principal, Mary E. Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center
  • Melissa Sweazy, Founding Principal, Acero - Santiago Charter School, CPS
  • Shayna Boyd, Teacher, 7th/8th grade ELA and Social Science teacher at Ashburn Elementary
  • Maria Munoz, Family and Community Engagement in Education Specialist, Chicago Public Schools | Network 8, 15 & 16
  • Ellen Rosenfeld, Family and Community Engagement Manager, CPS
  • Adrienne Garner, Community Engagement Team Leader, CPS

Community Based Organizations

  • Astrid Suarez, Director of Education, Enlace Chicago
  • Jessica Cañas, Assistant Director of Education, Enlace Chicago
  • Maria Velazquez, Executive Director, Telpochcalli Community Education Project
  • Nastassia Ballard, Payton Parent Fellow, Stand for Children 
  • Jazmin Ocampo, Manager, Citywide Youth Council, Mikva Challenge
  • Lindsay Semph, Past educator, Managing Director of External Affairs, E4E-Chicago


  • Pavlyn Jankov, Researcher, Chicago Teachers Union
  • Paula Barajas, Special Education Teacher & English as a Second Language Teacher


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