Language and Cultural Education 


Our Mission

The Office of Language and Cultural Education (OLCE) exists to guide Chicago Public Schools in providing a high-quality education for all language learners that is attentive to a culturally- and linguistically-diverse community of students, families, and educators. OLCE aims to achieve this mission through strategic planning, collaborative partnerships, professional development, and the production of tools and resources to improve instruction.

Language education is critical to learning and success in college, career, and life in the 21st century. Language education includes developing the native-language and English-language proficiency of English learners, strengthening the English skills among native-English speakers, and providing all students with the opportunity to learn a world language.

At OLCE, we:

  • Provide support to all schools to ensure effective programs and settings for the academic, linguistic, cultural, social-emotional, and civic development of all young Chicagoans
  • Support schools with English learners to ensure their academic success through high-quality native-language instruction and the development of English proficiency
  • Promote bilingualism, biliteracy, and multilingualism, beginning at the early grades
  • Promote global citizenry for all students
  • Provide support to World Language Programs to ensure effectiveness for all students
  • Collaborate with content departments at the district level to ensure that all students have access to a high-quality instructional program

Our Primary Functions:

We provide and/or support the following programs:

Language Education Programs

  • English Learner Programs – These programs provide English language instruction and the supports needed for students who speak another language.
  • Dual Language Programs – In these programs, both Spanish-speaking students and English-speaking students have the opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish.
  • World Language Programs – CPS offers World Language classes in a variety of languages for elementary and high school students.

Community Outreach

  • Title VII American Indian Education – The American Indian Family Resource Center offers a variety of resources for American Indian students and their families.
  • Refugee School Impact Grant (RSIG) – The Refugee Educational Support Center offers a variety of resources for refugee students and their families.
  • Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC)/Chicago Multilingual Parent Council (CMPC) – Get involved with your child’s education through your school’s BAC or the citywide CMPC. Contact one of our parent resource centers for more information.
  • Parent Resource Centers – Find continuing education classes, adult English as a second language, resources, and more.

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