three-year vision


Vision Contributors

We thank everyone for their valuable contributions to the creation of the CPS Vision framework and report. In addition to those noted below, countless others provided guidance and input through community sessions and other meetings. Thank you to the parents, students, teachers, principals, involved community members and partners who gave their input in this report. All of the contributions have not only shaped the CPS Vision, but make the powerful work in the district happen to ensure exceptional student outcomes.

The following names are being recognized because they were members of the Steering Committee, Advisory Committee, and Chicago Board of Education Members at the time of the vision creation and publication (2016). Roles and positions may have changed since the spring of 2016.

Steering Committee Members

Brian Ali
Patrick Baccellieri
Mary Bradley
Frank Bilecki
Emily Bittner
Jadine Chou

Ronald DeNard
Diego Ferney Giraldo
Zipporah Hightower
Andrell Holloway
Tony Howard
Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta

Shawn Jackson
Elizabeth Kirby
Denise Little
Matt Lyons
Jorge Macias
Alan Mather

LaTanya McDade
Guillermo Montes de Oca
Pedro Soto
Matthew Walter

Advisory Committee

Anthony Adamowski
Beata Arceo
Daniel Baggio
Elisa Botello
Jeff Broom
Molly Burke
Kevin Connors
Eugene Crawford
Rukiya Curvey-Johnson
Zabrina Evans
Eva Giglio
Fabiola Ginski
Courtney Hill
Karen Jackel
Maneesha Jacoby
Chandra James

Elizabeth Keenan
Karen Keyes
Anderson Laureano-Matos
Peter Leonard
Alexandra Lopez
Jessica Mahon
Jessica Marshall
Leslie Mckinily
Patrick Milton
Julie Monahan
Luis Narvaez
Veronica Nash
Kareem Pender
Evan Plummer
Luis Rodriguez
Phil Salemi

Laura Sangroula
Justina Schlund
Lauren Secatore
Anna Szuber
Natalia Szymczak
Greg Volan

Network Chiefs

Anna Alvarado
Elizabeth Alvarez
Eduardo Cesario
Bogdana Chkoumbova
Jeffery Dase
Megan Hougard
Herald Johnson
Randel Josserand
Ernesto Matias
Karen Saffold
Minerva Garcia-Sanchez
Felicia Sanders
Jarvis Sanford

Members of the CPS Principal Advisory Council

Members of the CPS Teacher Advisory Council

Members of the Local School Council Advisory Board

Chicago Board of Education Members *

* As of Spring of 2016

Frank M. Clark

Jamie Guzman
Vice President

Mark F. Furlong
Rev. Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.
Mahalia Hines
Arnaldo Rivera
Gail D. Ward

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