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Chicago Principal Partnership

Great schools cannot exist without great leaders. This is one of our core beliefs at Chicago Public Schools, which is why we have joined with the Chicago Public Education Fund to create the Chicago Principal Partnership. This partnership strives to attract, develop, support and retain strong leaders for every CPS school and support Local School Councils (LSCs) as they do so as well. One key lever of the partnership is to improve the way high quality principals are matched with the schools that need them, so LSCs are better able to find and attract best fit candidates.

Going forward, the Chicago Principal Partnership will build an online resource hub for principals, which include programming and professional development opportunities that reflect principal best practices. Along with leadership programs such as the Chicago Principal Fellowship, the partnership exemplifies the continued investments by CPS and the Chicago Public Education Fund into CPS school leaders.

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All of our children want to succeed, and it’s our job to see that they can.

Recruit the Best Teacher Leaders to Become Assistant Principals

In 2016, CPS launched the Aspiring Assistant Principals Institute to better recruit the next generation of school leaders. To do so, Network Chiefs and school leaders identify the district’s highest-performing teacher leaders (who also must have earned state credentials for school administrators) for an invitation to an institute to help prepare them for the assistant principal role. We will increase the number recruited for this successful program from 50 in its first year to 100 annually.

Prepare Assistant Principals as Future Leaders

Aspiring Assistant Principals ProgramToday’s assistant principals are the talent pool from which we draw tomorrow’s great school leaders. But until recently, many of our assistant principals were relegated to student discipline and lunchroom duty, leaving them unprepared for the next step in their careers. Beginning this year, network chiefs are working more intently with principals on how to give their APs experiences that develop their skills in the five CPS Principal Competencies, which include instructional leadership and community engagement. Last year, assistant principals were formally evaluated for the first time, using the same criteria as their principals.

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Support Local School Councils in Selecting Strong Principals

Selecting a principal is the LSC’s most crucial responsibility. The Office of Local School Council Relations provides training and ongoing support for LSCs undertaking principal selection. To streamline the recruiting process, we created an online platform for LSCs to create a detailed job description and receive immediate feedback from the network chief. Once approved, the job description is quickly posted online and circulated to all candidates who met the district’s rigorous qualification requirements. This process allows for a faster turnaround to fill vacant principal posts, consistency in postings across schools and the ability to advertise a position more widely. In addition, training helps ensure that LSCs are well-equipped to select strong candidates who are the best fit for their schools.

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