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Non-CPS Information for 2019-2020 NWEA MAP

The NWEA MAP is the standardized test used by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system to determine student eligibility to apply to schools and programs with academic criteria.

If your child is applying to grades 5-9 to schools/programs with academic criteria, your child will need to have NWEA MAP scores from the exam administered by CPS. The next NWEA MAP will be administered in January 2019 for non-CPS students applying to grades 5-9 who did not take the NWEA MAP in September 2018.

(Note that the NWEA MAP is NOT the admissions exam for Selective Enrollment schools. If you are interested in Selective Enrollment schools for grades 5-9, your child's NWEA MAP scores will be used to determine whether your child is eligible to take the Selective Enrollment admissions exam. There are no pre-qualifiers for students applying to grades K-4.)

The registration form for the January 2019 NWEA MAP registration form can be accessed below:

Please thoroughly read the following important information:

  • Your completed NWEA MAP registration form will have to be received by the Office of Access and Enrollment no later than 6 pm on Friday, December 14, 2018. Submission options are located on the form.
  • Because your child will take the NWEA MAP in January 2019, you will need to submit a paper application(s)by December 14, 2018, for the schools/programs in which you are interested; you will not be able to apply using the online application site and you will not use an activation code to submit your child’s application. Please be assured that this will not affect your child’s ability to apply and take the admissions exam (or participate in any other required admissions screenings) for which he/she is eligible, based on the NWEA MAP scores.
  • You can download and print the application until December 14th at click ‘High Schools’ or ‘Elementary Schools’ (depending on the grade to which you’re applying) and ‘Apply’. PLEASE NOTE: Paper applications cannot be scanned and emailed. They can only be sent via U.S. mail or hand-delivered. Please do not email the paper application.
  • After we receive your child’s NWEA MAP scores in January, we will be able to determine his/her eligibility to be considered for any programs to which you applied that have minimum eligibility requirements. If you apply to, and are eligible to be considered for, Selective Enrollment schools, we will schedule your child’s exam and contact you with the date, time and location of his/her Selective Enrollment admissions exam. Please be assured that your child will still have time to take the appropriate exam(s) if he/she is eligible based on his/her NWEA MAP scores.
  • If you are applying to ninth grade to any other programs with required admissions screenings, please review the Admissions Screenings

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 or


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