All Charter Schools to Join GoCPS Common Application for High Schools 

GoCPS Will Also Host the Current Elementary School Application Process for District-Managed Schools
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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CHICAGO – Chicago Public Schools today announced that all charter and contract high schools will be participating in GoCPS, the District’s new streamlined process to make applying to school simpler and more equitable. By fully integrating charters into GoCPS, families will be able to easily identify and evaluate all available school options so that students can find the schools that best meet their needs.
“With every charter participating in GoCPS, families now only have to go to one place to manage the high school application process,” said Dr. Janice K. Jackson, Chief Education Officer. “GoCPS will simplify the high school enrollment process and make it easier for all Chicago students to research and find the best school for them.”

CPS also announced today that GoCPS will host the current elementary school application process beginning with students applying to District-managed schools for the 2018-19 School Year. There are no changes in the elementary application, selection, and notification processes; the applications will just be collected using GoCPS. By integrating elementary schools into the GoCPS system, families will be able to utilize a single application site for all their children and more easily access information about the school options available to them across grade levels.  Elementary school applications will be available in October 2017 and will not transition to the single best offer model used in the new high school application process.

The next phase of GoCPS for families will come in August, when students can begin activating their accounts. This means that they can create their profiles, see which programs they’re eligible for and bookmark the programs they are most interested in applying to once the application window opens. CPS will be in contact with families and educators in the coming weeks as the new system is rolled out.
Charter School Participation
The addition of all charter schools to GoCPS will make it easier for families to navigate the high school application process by centralizing options into one system and allowing families to research and apply to programs using a single application and deadline. This will improve access and equity for families by reducing barriers to identifying and applying to schools throughout the city.

To successfully integrate charter schools into the GoCPS system, the Board of Education voted today to approve the following modifications: 
Authorize charter and contract schools to participate in GoCPS.
Adopt a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to delegate authority to the Board to conduct the high school application process.
Allow the District to develop 9th grade offer numbers for charter schools based on procedures that are comparable to non-selective enrollment high schools in the district. This will allow each school to make a set number of offers (determined by CPS) beyond its seats in order to account for historical rates of offer acceptance so that schools are not left with unused seats. The District does not anticipate that this will result in more enrolled students than authorized.

About GoCPS
GoCPS will simplify the high school application process and make it more accessible, equitable, and transparent to the benefit of students, families and schools. Under the new process:
Families will be able to access school and program information through one comprehensive site that can be used to conduct research and make informed decisions when ranking choices.
Families can apply to all their selected high school programs using one application and deadline. 
Students will receive a single best offer to the highest ranked choice with an available seat that they are eligible to attend.
Schools will be able to more effectively plan for the first day because they will know sooner which students have accepted an offer to enroll.

Through GoCPS, families will be able to apply to up to 20 non-selective enrollment programs and – if their students are eligible – up to six selective enrollment programs. Students will always have the option to attend their neighborhood school.

GoCPS will be in effect for rising 8th graders as they apply for high school for the 2018-19 School Year. 

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Chicago Public Schools serves 381,000 students in 652 schools. It is the nation’s third-largest school district.  

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