The Chicago Board of Education is Offering the CTU a Fair and Reasonable Proposal to Achieve a Contract and End the Strike 

NOTE: This is CPS’ third modified proposal to the CTU


September 13, 2012


Increases in Pay: 16 percent average salary increase equaling $320 million over the next four years, including a 2% increase each year for four years, lanes, and the modified step proposal submitted by the CTU that will both reward experience and provide better incentives for mid-career teachers to help keep them serving in the Chicago Public School system. The provision allowing the Board to take back wage increases in the event of a fiscal crisis would be eliminated.


New Opportunities and Security for Laid Off Teachers:

  • Teachers displaced due to school closings: will receive a job at a school receiving their students if there is a vacancy; placed in a reassigned teacher pool for five months or may elect to receive a three-month lump sum severance; or placed in a Quality Teacher Pool in which teachers who apply for positions shall be entitled to an interview and explanation if not hired.
  • Teachers displaced due to turnarounds or phase outs: placed in a reassigned teacher pool for five months or may elect a three-month lump sum severance.
  • Teachers displaced for other reasons: shall have recall rights for one year for the same unit and position and will be offered an interim assignment in the substitute teacher pool.


Joint Implementation of Teacher Evaluations with Flexibility When Needed:  The Board will work jointly with the CTU to fully implement REACH Students, maintain performance standards and student growth requirements and make adjustments as needed. In year one, for tenured teachers, the plan will be implemented for the sole purpose of providing feedback to principals and to assess its implementation. The Board will implement a thorough appeals process and will ensure all probationary teachers have ratings.


New Short-Term Disability Policy, Including First-Ever Paid Maternity Leave: The Board will offer short-term disability to all CTU members at no cost to the employee, which will include paid maternity leave. Employees will no longer need to use sick days to take time off needed for the birth of a child – nor will they need to bank the number of sick days needed before starting their family planning. Employees may continue to roll over up to 40 days to use as sick days, to supplement short-term disability or for pension service credit upon retirement. Sick days already accumulated will be eligible for payout in accordance with the current policy.


CPS to Cover Part of Employee Pension Contribution: The Board has also offered to continue picking up 7% each employee’s 9% pension contribution.


Health Care and Wellness: The Board will not make changes in the health care plan and will freeze employee contribution rates over four years if the CTU agrees to participate in the Wellness Program. Like the nearly 40,000 City employees and all CPS employees who have already signed up for the Wellness Program, the Board is asking CTU members to join the program at no cost.


Increased Opportunity for Promotion: The Board proposes that CPS and CTU collaborate and work together to increase promotion opportunities and identify differentiated compensation models that have worked in other places. 


Improved Monitoring of Class Size Issues: The Board remains committed to protecting and maintaining current class sizes. A Class Size Monitoring Committee and Panel will be retained with increased funding dedicated to monitor and address class size issues.


A Better, Fuller Calendar: Maintain a calendar with 180 student attendance days and 190 teacher workdays, including an increase in Professional Development days, as proposed by the CTU.


A Full School Day: The newly extended elementary school day will continue to be 7 hours, while high school days will now be 7.25 hours. In addition, high school teachers will be limited to teaching only five classes. The Board has proposed a process that allows for greater teacher input on start times and schedules.