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With over 680 schools within the Chicago Public Schools District from which to choose, many parents are left wondering: Given the neighborhood in which I live, what educational options are available to my child?

CPS's Office of Strategy Management (OSM) is here to help by offering the user-friendly School Locator  mapping application. Simply type in your home address to begin exploring the hundreds of different educational options CPS has to offer your child.

School Locator Features

In addition to elementary, middle and high schools located within a specified distance from your home, the School Locator also features ways to view:

  • Neighborhood attendance boundaries

  • School classifications (charter, magnet, selective enrollment, special education, etc.)

  • School Programs (Early Childhood, International Baccalaureate (IB), STEM, JROTC, etc.)

  • School performance ratings

  • Other geographic overlays (Wards, Illinois congressional districts, Safe Passage Routes, etc.)

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Other OSM Services

OSM helps advances District goals by:

  • Forecasting and projecting the number of matriculating school-aged children to ensure that schools are evenly populated across the City

  • Administering attendance boundaries for elementary, middle and high schools to ensure a healthy balance of neighborhood educational options

  • Engaging in long-term capital planning based on the need to construct new capacity in areas where population growth is occurring, and conversely, managing underutilized spaces to ensure sustainable educational environments

  • Providing demographic analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping services for individual school and Central Office staff and faculty


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