Student resources: Student Portal features 

Now students can monitor their academic progress online, 24x7. Here are a just a few features of the new Student Portal:


  • Assignments: View your upcoming assignments as well as past assignments, including due dates and grades received.
  • Triggers: Create a customized ‘alert event’ that will prompt an email or text message notification for attendance or grade activities. Note: Prior to configuring a cell phone text alert, please confirm your text message plan with your provider as standard rates will apply.
  • Grades: View a summary of your averages from each report card period for all classes. Additionally, this screen serves as the point of entry for teacher-student dialogue.
  • Attendance: View a list of all non-present attendance events, such as absences and tardies, recorded during the school year.
  • Calendar: View non-present attendance events by date as well as a high-level description of any campus or District events entered by the school administrator.
  • Report card: This area will only be made available after report card pickup has been completed at the school.

Log on to Student Portal

Check your grades and attendance online by logging on to our Student Portal. 


Learn more about the Adobe PDF icon Student Portal.

Page Last Modified on Monday, August 25, 2014