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CPS Proposal: Personalized Pathways for Middle School Students

The goal of Personalized Pathways is to prepare our students to enter high school ready to succeed. Participating schools will be supported to redesign middle grades (6th-8th) to integrate technology and support an increasingly student-centered approach to learning. Empowering adolescents to take charge of their learning is at the heart of this strategy. Students participating in Personalized Pathways will set goals for both academic and non-academic skills and will help design their own approach to reaching these goals through in-school and out-of-school activities. Teachers will receive intensive professional development and ongoing support from external experts and the CPS Office of Instruction to build their capacity to use a variety of instructional approaches (emphasizing literacy and language), facilitate personalized learning, and support goal-setting and progress based on student needs and interests.


CPS will use the Illinois Shared Learning Environment (ISLE) as a tool for viewing data, enveloping personalized learning maps, and connecting teachers and students to resources aligned to their interests and needs. To break down barriers to student learning, schools will also have access to a package of social-emotional, behavioral, and family service supports tailored to their needs. This initiative, which will reach 150 CPS elementary/middle schools, will support the communication of effective practices to scale up across the district.


Chicago Public Schools students exploring the solar system using technology
that supports a personalized learning approach.


Other Personalized Pathways Materials

PDF icon. Personalized Pathways: Moving from Traditional to Personalized learning



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