Illinois STARNET, Region V 

Illinois STARNET is a Support and Technical Assistance Regional Network that provides training, consultation and resources to the early childhood community, with an emphasis on special needs. The STARNET system assists the State Board of Education in meeting local needs by providing services to professionals and parents of young children with special needs throughout Illinois. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) funds the STARNET Project in six regions in the state through administrative entities responsible for the implementation of the project. Region V is located at the Chicago Public Schools’ Office of Specialized Services Early Childhood Special Education Programs and provides services to families and providers working or living in the city of Chicago. STARNET supports family-centered, researched, and effective practices in early childhood education and care.


The Illinois State board of Education has established a series of goals designed to achieve world-class education for the twenty first century. STARNET strongly supports these goals and specifically goal number eight which states:

Each child in Illinois will receive the support services necessary to enter the public school system ready to learn and progress to successfully through school. The public school system will serve as a leader in collaborative effort among private and public agencies so that comprehensive and coordinated health, human and social services reach children and their families.


Illinois STARNET provides a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth for those who touch the lives of young children, ages birth through eight, with an emphasis on children with special needs. STARNET accomplishes its mission through a variety of opportunities that include, but are not limited to:


  • Collaboration
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Information and Resources
  • Linkages and Networking
  • Workshops’ and Conferences
  • Technical Assistance and Consultation


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