How to Apply 

Remember that all children, including those with disabilities, are eligible to apply to all CPS schools and programs. Acceptance to some schools and programs depends on a number of factors including location, academic achievement, and/or selection by lottery.


Understand the application process

The criteria with which students are accepted into non-neighborhood schools vary across schools.

Computerized Lottery
In these cases, applications are entered into a computer that randomly selects the students who are accepted. This way, all students have an equal chance to be accepted. Some schools have computerized lotteries that first take into account if the student has a sibling who already attends the school, or how close a student lives to the school.

Academic Achievement, Test Scores and Other Factors
Some schools, such as Selective Enrollment schools, International Baccalaureate High Schools, and magnet high schools, require testing and/or use test scores, report card grades, or other factors for the selection process.

Complete the application process

To learn about specific enrollment criteria for the schools you are interested in, and to download the corresponding application forms and procedures, visit the pages below or find a school.


Preschool Elementary school High school
Preschool types Elementary school types High school types
Application procedures for preschool Application procedures for elementary school Application procedures for high school

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