Tips on how to evaluate a school 

Before you choose a school, it’s important that you and your family identify what’s right for your child’s education. Use these tips and do research beforehand. Make a few notes about programs, performance, or other factors you would like to know more about. We also encourage you to talk with school principals and staff, parents, and friends before making a decision about a school.

Here are some factors to consider:  



What’s the classroom environment like? Does the atmosphere seem competitive? Nurturing? How large are classes?


The size or diversity of the school’s population

Remember that for one student, a large school may be overwhelming. For another student, it can provide an ideal mix of people to meet and programs to explore.


Test scores

What are the school’s average test scores?


School atmosphere

How do teachers treat students? What are the standards for student behavior? Do students appear to be involved with their school work? How does the school handle discipline?


Proximity to your home

Is it important to have a school close to home? For your child, a school close to home may be the best option; for another child, a school with a specific academic focus in another area of the City may be a better fit.


Sports and extracurricular activities

Does the school offer a variety of sports, extra-curricular, and before- and after-school programs?


A specific academic focus

Are enrichment activities and gifted programs offered?




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