Board approves eight school actions 

The actions will take effect starting with the 2010-11 school year.

February 24, 2010

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Latest school actions press release

Chicago Board of Education members today approved actions to eight schools as recommended by Chief Executive Officer Ron Huberman.


The actions include:

  • Closing Bartholome De Las Casas Occupational High School, 8401 S. Saginaw Ave. for facilities-related reasons.
  • Consolidating Helen J. McCorkle Elementary School, 4421 S. State, into Ludwig Van Beethoven Elementary School, 25 W. 47th St., for facilities-related reasons at McCorkle.
  • Phasing out George Schneider Elementary School, 2957 N. Hoyne Ave. due to under-enrollment.


Turning around the following schools due to low academic performance:


  • George W. Curtis Elementary School, 32 E. 115th St.
  • Charles S. Deneen Elementary School, 7257 S. State St.
  • Myra Bradwell Elementary School, 7736 S. Burnham Ave.
  • Wendell Phillips High School, 244 E. Pershing Road.
  • John Marshall High School, 3250 W. Adams St.


The Curtis, Deneen, Bradwell and Phillips turnarounds will be led by the Academy for Urban School Leadership. The Marshall turnaround will be led by the CPS Office of School Turnarounds, which is under the District’s Chief Education Office.


The Board’s approval followed a review of the proposed actions by the CEO. The actions will take effect starting with the 2010-11 school year.


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