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Juvenile Justice Re-Entry Program

The Juvenile Justice team serves as a liaison between Chicago’s juvenile justice system and CPS. 

Juvenile Justice Re-Entry Program


Juvenile Justice Manager
David Moskowitz

Juvenile Justice Team

The Juvenile Justice (JJ) Team provides personalized support to ALL CPS juvenile students enrolled at Nancy B Jefferson, the school located inside the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. Every student receives guidance, interviews, preparation, and parent/probation/school consultation to support a comprehensive educational plan and its implementation post-release.

The JJ Team follow students after leaving NBJ to any CPS school--both traditional and Options schools--for the entirety of the school year, and work to support school retention and success by promoting strengths and interests, and addressing needs/barriers. The JJ team also works with CPS schools and staff to implement organized, consistent, and restorative re-entry practices, and operates a CPS Information Office at Juvenile Court that offers records, consultation, and support for parents and Juvenile Justice system stakeholders.

Jefferson High School Students Transferring to CPS Schools

Per CPS policy, any student who has become detained and enrolled at Nancy B. Jefferson HS (NBJ) or York HS retains the right to return to their home school as defined by the school where they were actively enrolled prior to detainment. No student shall lose their seat at a selective enrollment, magnet, military or school by virtue of enrollment at NBJ or York. Per the Illinois Charter Schools Law, students previously enrolled in a Charter school are entitled to immediate re-enrollment upon release from NBJ or York without needing to re-apply unless expelled for cause. The only exceptions to a student’s right to continue at their home school are the same as for any student--i.e. cases of approved emergency placement, network safety/disciplinary transfer, or CPS expulsion.

Students who were not previously enrolled in a CPS school and students who are not returning to their home school must adhere to all rules and regulations regarding eligibility for enrollment/admission into magnet, selective enrollment, neighborhood schools and Options Schools as outlined in the Enrollment and Transfers of Students in the Chicago Public Schools Policy Manual.

Juvenile Justice Transfers from Jefferson High School Process Map

For more information or questions about the Juvenile Justice Re-Entry Program, contact David Moskowitz, the Juvenile Justice Manager, at

To reach the CPS Information Office at Juvenile Court/Detention Center, call 312-433-5221.