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School Quality Measurement and Research (SQMR)

School Quality Measurement and Research (SQMR) builds a foundation of high-quality, research-based evidence to inform district practice, policy, and vision. Through the timely and accurate reporting of school and district performance metrics, SQMR supports stakeholder involvement in district decision making and school efforts to improve instructional effectiveness. SQMR is also actively engaging stakeholders to co-design an improved system for driving these conversations.

School Quality Measurement and Research


42 W. Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60602

The Office is responsible for:

  • Identifying valid and reliable measures of performance used to establish goals at the educator, school, network, and district levels
  • Providing leadership in schools, networks, and Central Office departments with access to timely and accurate school and educator performance data and analysis
  • Compiling academic performance data and creating a repository for relevant district data in collaboration with other CPS departments
  • Calculating accountability metrics, key performance indicators, and other academic performance measures used throughout the district, such as REACH for teachers, principal evaluation, and school quality ratings
  • Calculating end-of-year performance ratings for schools, principals, and educators in alignment with local policies, such as the state statute, such as the Performance Evaluation Reform Act
  • Managing the district’s research-practice partnerships, external research review processes, and data-sharing agreements
  • Increasing transparency within CPS and to the public through clear reporting of performance data