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School Support Center (SSC)

The School Support Center provides principals and school clerks with a single point of contact for support in navigating district policies and procedures related to school-level budget, internal accounts, purchasing, talent, Kronos, and employee reimbursements.

School Support Center

501 W. 35th St.
Chicago, IL 60609

We create and deliver business solutions and provide excellent customer service so schools can focus on instruction, and Central Office staff can focus on strategy and policy.

  • Communicators and Trainers
    As the liaison between schools and our Central Office partners, we help our partners communicate programs and initiatives; we also deliver training designed for school staff.
  • Experts and Advocates
    We are a single, cross-functional resource for schools requiring expert assistance or advocacy on CPS policies and procedures.
  • Consultative Support
    We troubleshoot issues and provide consultative support. We focus primarily on resolving the immediate issue and provide guidance on understanding and navigating CPS policies and procedures for effective management of school business operations.
  • Performance Monitors
    We gather, assimilate, and report data regarding school performance as it relates to the policies and procedures of our central office partners.


  • Financial Services

    We provide consultative and problem-solving support for inquiries related to budget, internal accounts, and procurement (e.g., reviewing schools’ monthly internal accounts reports, coaching on transactions, navigating Oracle financial systems, and helping you understand your budget).

  • Kronos Services

    We will review, correct, and process reported time and attendance in Kronos to ensure accurate pay for all school-based employees. In addition, we will review and process historical corrections, overtime requests, and provide Kronos Self-Service support and training to all schools.

  • Reimbursement Services

    We will review and process school-based staff expense reimbursement requests in compliance with Board policy and procedures while providing excellent customer service, training, and support to all schools.

  • Human Resources

    We are staffed with HR Business Partners who will support you by providing training and consultative support to Network Chiefs and principals in the following areas: workforce planning, talent calibration, HR systems and policies, candidate sourcing, transfers and performance evaluation and renewal process.

  • Premium Services

    This shared service is an alternative for school principals to receive on-site consultation, training, and support in all areas of school financial operations. This includes budget monitoring and preparation, oversight and advisory support on financial compliance and reconciliation, and on-site training for principal and administrative team.