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Budget 2012

The Chicago Public Schools FY2012 Final Budget Book is the approved financial and policy plan of the Chicago Public Schools for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2011, and ends June 30, 2012. The fiscal year encompasses 12 months, as mandated by the 1995 Amendatory Act enacted by the Illinois legislature.

The FY2012 Final Budget Book includes line-item expenditure details, summary financial tables, and narrative overviews of CPS programs, goals, and financial policies and procedures.

The Budget Book also contains snapshots of individual school budgets to provide readers with an at-a-glance view of school based budgets and demographics that impact the budgets. These snapshots are included in the Schools at a Glance section. Departmental budget summaries are also included.

Public hearings about the budget took place in August at the locations and times listed below.  The Chicago Board of Education voted to approve the FY2012 budget at its August 24 board meeting.