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Comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan for Fiscal Years 2013 – 2017

CPS leadership is committed to redirecting dollars away from the unnecessary and inefficient spending of the past and toward the classroom and student learning. Preparing a capital budget for the District with about $4.9 billion in unmet capital needs required meeting these challenges head on while remaining committed to investing in its facilities to ensure safe and secure learning environments for students, and to upgrade infrastructure to support District programs and priorities. Combining the FY13 capital proposal with $765 million in capital projects in the pipeline from prior year capital plans, there are nearly 200 projects planned or underway to address multiple needs at hundreds of schools throughout the District.

The District is also outlining a five-year capital plan. Anticipating that the same fiscal constraints will continue, the Five-Year Plan continues the focused but modest capital investment, estimating approximately $100 million in FY14. We have increased this to $200 million in FY15, FY16 and FY17, when we expect a modest improvement in the fiscal picture. 

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We have recently released an amended FY13 Capital Plan.