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Summer Programs

JUNE 24 TO JULY 26, 2024

Supporting Continued Learning, Growth and Achievement

Chicago Public Schools will offer expanded summer programming in 2024 that provides additional time and space for students to increase their academic success, be exposed to enriching activities that provide a holistic experience in school, and deepen their connection to other students and their school communities.

Browse our program catalog below to view opportunities for summer learning. We will also update this page with a searchable map of school-specific programs before the end of the school year. For information about registering for specific programs, contact your school directly.

What to Know This Year

  • How to register: For information about registering for specific summer programs, contact your school directly. Not all programs are open to all students. Some students will receive or may have already received a letter about mandatory summer program participation. Please follow the directions in that letter to access the appropriate program.
  • Charter and contract schools: Charter and Contract schools are responsible for operating their own summer programming and credit recovery. Students enrolled in these schools are unable to attend summer programming at district-managed schools. For information about summer programming at charter and contract schools, contact your school directly. For additional questions, contact the Office of Innovation and Incubation at
  • Options schools: Options schools are responsible for operating their own summer programming and credit recovery. Summer program hours and term length vary by operator. For more information about summer programming at options schools, contact your school directly. For additional questions, contact the Options Network at

Summer Programs Catalog

Academic Programs

Designed to provide students with extra academic support in core subjects.


Mandatory for students in 2nd, 5th, and 8th grades who do not meet the minimum promotion criteria are required to attend Summer Bridge Plus. Optional and encouraged for students invited by their school to receive engagement and academic support. This program, located at select sites, offers tailored and intensive instruction to address individual needs in reading, mathematics, social science, and science through an online curriculum. Upon completion of the program, mandatory students who successfully meet promotion criteria will advance to the next grade. Please note: that schools with ongoing capital improvement projects may be exempt from hosting this academic enrichment summer program. For additional information, please contact your student's current enrolled school to inquire about their summer programming opportunities at their school or for general information.

Enrichment Programs

Designed to challenge students to think critically and work collaboratively through project- and inquiry-based learning approaches, as well as nurture their creativity and curiosity through exposure to the arts, technology, world culture, and beyond.


CSI Summer of Learning offers students educational field trips and enrichment opportunities that are centered on science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts. CSI Summer of Learning also provides adult education workshops and community programming.

Transition Programs

Designed to support purposeful academic transitions for students and their families by equipping them with resources, guidance, and peer connections.


Preview to Pre-K (PTPK) will support students to develop their love of school and learning through social-emotional, early literacy and early math activities. All rising pre-k students are eligible to participate in PTPK at the CPS school at which they are enrolled in for pre-k for Fall 2024. Preview to Pre-K is offered at select schools.

Partner Programs

Browse more summer programs from our partner organizations.