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Reopening Framework

Reopening our schools is a matter of equity. Every family deserves to select the learning environment for their children that will meet their unique needs and help them reach their full potential. As we welcome students back to school, the district will continue to closely follow public health guidance.

Guiding Principles

The district developed a reopening plan that aligns with the commitments and core values outlined in our Five-Year Vision,  Success Starts Here,  and the guidance of the city’s public health officials.

Community Feedback

Through multiple surveys and focus groups administered over the summer, our parents, students and staff shared their thoughts and concerns about returning to school in Fall 2020. We received the following responses:

Elementary School

Elementary School Parents Graph - 28.1% Yes, 31.1% Not Sure, 40.8% No

  Not Sure       No       Yes

High School

HS Parent Graph 33.5% Yes 28.7% Not Sure 37.8% No

  Not Sure       No       Yes

Decision Point

After carefully considering their guidance and hearing feedback from our families and community members, we began the year learning at home.

Remote Learning

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