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Online Reopening Guide


Find all the information and resources you need to be ready for school in the fall in one centralized location.

First Day of School:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Get Connected!

Before school starts, it is important that you complete these three steps to “Get Connected” to all the things you’ll need to start the year.

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Connect to Your School

  • Current CPS families: Call your school  if your contact information has changed. This will ensure you receive important school and district updates.
  • New CPS families: Enroll your child in their school and provide your contact information to receive important district and school updates. Your school will ensure your child is set up on the systems and tools needed to participate in remote learning.  
  • Submit your child’s health and wellness forms and any other required documentation included in the Back to School Packet your child will receive in their Google Classroom. Please email the forms to your child’s teacher, if possible. If you need to drop off completed forms at the school, contact your school for their visitor policy before arriving in person.
  • Contact your school if you have questions about your school’s remote learning schedule. 

Child Learning Hubs

We are offering Child Learning Hubs from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to families that need assistance with child supervision during remote learning.

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Child using laptop

Child Learning Hubs

We are offering Child Learning Hubs from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to families that need assistance with child supervision during remote learning.

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Family Training

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Learn How to Use 
Google Education Suite

This school year, families will use a variety of different Google tools to take their classes remotely from home. Join us for one of our live, virtual training sessions (in English or Spanish) so you can be prepared for class. 

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Google Education Suite

Watch recorded versions of our live training sessions as well as other helpful training videos on all the Google Education Suite that will be utilized for remote learning.

How to Join

Initial Access

Bookmarking Classroom

Remote Learning Technology

In order to participate in remote learning activities, students will need to have 1.) a technology device that can connect to the internet; 2.) internet access through an internet service provider or mobile phone; and 3.) a CPS account which will be used to access remote learning content.  Learn how to access and set-up each of these in the sections below. 

Technology Devices

Find out how to access and use different internet connected technology devices that will allow you to complete remote learning tasks.

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Internet Access

Find options for internet service providers and Wi-Fi network connections, or if you qualify for free internet service through out Chicago Connected initiative.

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CPS Accounts

Find out how to log-into you current account or how to request a new one if you do not have one.

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CPS Meal Sites

CPS families can pick-up free meals from more than 450 sites during the 2020-21 school year.
Get additional information about meal pick-up processes and the latest updates on availability.


Meal Site Schedule

Keep Track of upcoming meal pick-up dates.

September 27


September 28


8am - 1pm
September 29


8am - 1pm
September 30


8am - 1pm
October 01


8am - 1pm
October 02


8am - 1pm
October 03



* Times are subject to change.

Family Support Numbers

If you need help with questions about back to school and reopening topics, please reach out to one of our support teams. Assistance is available in English and Spanish.


CPS Command Center

Monday - Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

773-553-KIDS (5437)

Get Ready to Learn

Once you have completed all the steps to “Get Connected” it’s time to “Get Ready to Learn”. The following considerations are important for parents to plan for, and will position your student for greater success in remote learning when properly addressed. 

Review and set remote learning expectations.

  • Emphasize that although the learning will take place at home, it is a regular school day.
  • Encourage your child to focus, show their best effort, and seek support whenever they need it—just like they would at school.
  • Set the expectation that students will see their teacher on a daily basis, and their teacher will plan for opportunities for them to interact with their peers.
  • Make sure they understand that attendance will be taken every day, so it is important to log into school on time each day.
  • Grading practices will return to normal, so students should complete assignments and seek help as needed.

Establish household routines and discuss feelings about remote learning in order to create a new sense of normal.

  • Create a daily routine so your child always knows when it will be time to focus on learning.
  • Have your children set academic and social and emotional goals prior to the start of the year.
  • Acknowledge what your child is missing in a remote learning setting: in-person interaction, eating lunch and having recess with friends, having access to school resources and facilities, etc.
  • Make space to discuss feelings of sadness or loss that your child may have in regards to not being able to start the year at school. This is true for older students too, including high school students who may experience feelings of loss around major school events that are different or canceled.

Create a conducive environment for learning.

  • When possible, keep device screens within your view and monitor screens when children are working online to ensure they are actively engaged.
  • Find an area of your home that limits distractions for your child such as a desk, on the couch, in a favorite chair, or standing at the kitchen table.
  • Make sure the space is well lit and provides enough room for learning materials to be accessible.
  • Keep in mind that these considerations are important for students of all ages, including high school students. Although high school students may have more independence, they too may need support in creating routines and structures that will enable them to engage in remote learning successfully.

Remote Learning Guide

The first day of school for the 2020-21 academic year is only a short time away. All K-12 students should expect to be learning remotely for the full school day and will receive live real-time instruction for a minimum of three hours per day. Explore our online Remote Learning Guide to learn how remote learning will work.

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Guide Sections

Preparing for School

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Taking Classes Remotely

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Young student attending an online class

Student Life and Support

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Parent watching their young child attend an online class

Specialized Learning Groups

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Parents helping their child set up for an online class

School Day Examples

While some aspects of remote learning will resemble this past spring, many things will be different and required this fall. Get a better understanding of what to expect when your student starts taking classes in September by grade level.



Young child plays with building blocks

Grades K - 2


Young student taking notes while watching an online class

Grades 3 - 5


Student taking notes on paper while  attending an online class

Grades 6-8


Student taking notes while attending an online class

Grades 9 - 12


Student typing on a laptop

Documents & Guides

For more information on Remote Learning details and best practices, download and review on of our family facing reopening guides.

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Remote Learning Parent Handbook



Remote Learning Final Framework



Reopening Framework

Ensuring a safe return to school with COVID-19 has created the need to evaluate several different operational models. Over the last few months, CPS has assembled 100s of experts and conducted numerous surveys/focus groups with key stakeholders to evaluate these models. Based on this we have created a progressive series of reopening models to use as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.

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Staff Guidance Documents

Access all district staff guidance documents in one place.

Included in this section are all the resources we have created to help our educators and administrative staff operate and educate in an effective manner when we reopen in September. 

Staff Guidance Documents

Staff Training Sessions

Learn about upcoming training sessions.

Included in this section are professional development sessions for all levels of staff. Track upcoming events and follow registration links to sign up where available. 

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