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Remote Learning Guide

In this Section

Learn how all of our school functions will operate under the remote learning model.

Preparing for School

Remote Learning Processes

CPS has updated all of our learning processes to provide the same level of education support and interaction at home as you would get in school. Each content section below will explain how each of these processes will work in a remote learning environment.

Guides & Videos

For more information on Remote Learning details and best practices, take a look at our family facing reopening guides and videos.

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Additional Remote Learning Processes

As we move through the first weeks of school, we will be adding new content to the site to answer your questions and provide additional clarity on the following processes:

Taking Classes Remotely

Get prepared to take classes online by exploring the following topics:

Student Life & Support

Get prepared school activities and leverage important resources by exploring the following topics:

Specialized Learning Groups

Get information on remote learning will be tailored for these specialized learning groups by exploring the following topics: