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Contact Info, Enrollment, Transfers and Fees

As the district plans to reopen school this fall in a full remote learning model, we have updated our registration, enrollment and transfer processes to provide families with safe and socially distanced options to sign their students up for school.

Updating Contact Info

For Current Students

If you are a current CPS family with a student that is returning to the same school they attended last year, we encourage you to call your school and update your contact and emergency information as soon as possible. Since we will be operating in a fully remote model, it is imperative that we have up-to-date ways to contact you. Contact your school clerk or principal for more details.


For New Students

If you are a new student to CPS or are a current student beginning your first year at a new school, you will need to enroll in that school. Each school manages their own enrollment process, so contact them for next steps and to so submit the following forms:

*Please note: All fillable forms must have an original parent/guardian signature, an electronic signature is not acceptable. By signing these documents, the parent/guardian certifies that they are authorized to complete the documents, and the information provided is true and accurate.

CPS also requires proof of the following items for all students, except those living in temporary living situations:

Submitting Enrollment Forms

Enrollment forms can be submitted through either of the following means. However, in order to protect the health and safety of our families and staff, everyone is encouraged to submit their forms digitally.

1. Electronic Enrollment/Withdrawal
Submit completed copies of all necessary documents and forms via email to the school.
*Please note: When school buildings are back open, parent will be required to submit the original documents.

2. Contactless Enrollment/Withdrawal
A school administrator will arrange for parents to drop off the necessary documents in a safe and secure location.

After an administrator receives the necessary documents, they will call the parent to complete the enrollment process over the phone. Once the enrollment process is complete, administrators will arrange for the parent to come and pick up any original documents or student records that must be provided to them by the school.

COVID-19 Safety Reminder
Electronic Enrollment/Withdrawal is the preferred enrollment method for all families and Contactless Enrollment/Withdrawal should only be used when a family is unable to perform the necessary tasks electronically.
For the health and safety of yourself and others, please stay home if you are sick and make sure to observe guidance around social distancing, handwashing, covering coughs, and not touching your face if you do have to visit a school building.

Enrollment Support

If you have difficulty enrolling your child in school, contact the CPS Parent Support Center at 773-553-3270.


For Current Students Changing Schools

If you are looking to send your student to a different CPS school than where they are currently enrolled, you will need to transfer. In order to transfer, the new school must have exhausted all of their application waitlist and the student must meet the transfer requirements for their current grade level. Each school establishes its own guidelines and requirements for transfer students, but all transfer requests must be made in writing by the student’s legal guardian. Please contact your current school and the school you are interested in transferring to for more details.


No student fees are due or should be collected unless vital to the facilitation of remote learning until further notice. Please look for further communication from your school on when fees will be due.


  • How do I apply to a school that is not my designated neighborhood school?
    From October – December 2020, families can apply to any school in the city that their student is eligible to attend using GoCPS, the district’s online application system. Applications are available for all district and charter high schools, all district elementary schools, and three magnet preschool programs.
  • How do I enroll my child in preschool?
    For complete details on Chicago Early Learning, CPS' school-based early childhood program, please visit the Chicago Early Learning website or call the Office of Early Childhood Education at 773-553-2010.
  • How do I obtain school records/transcripts?
    You may be able to obtain records by calling the school directly. If not, please contact the Office of Student Records at 773-553-2340.
  • Can children of families who are homeless or in temporary living situations still enroll in school and receive services?
    Yes. To learn more, please contact the Office of Students in Temporary Living Situations at 773-553-2242 for information and support.