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Remote Learning Overview

Chicago Public Schools will open the 2020-21 school year under a full remote learning model. Under this model, all instruction will happen with students attending classes from home, with the exceptions given to diverse learning students with IEPs and other specialized learning needs.


All K-12 students should expect to be learning for the full school day and will receive live real-time instruction for a minimum of three hours per day. In addition to live instruction, students will also have access to small group instruction, activities with their classmates, and meaningful individual support if needed for the remainder of the school day. To improve at-home learning for students, educators will:

  • Provide consistent live instruction to students.
  • Attend to students’ needs and seek to engage them. 
  • Provide one platform to facilitate student and parent engagement. 
  • Set clear expectations for student attendance.
  • Support teachers to implement best practices that are responsive to student needs. 

As part of our remote learning plan, students will engage in rigorous tasks and have comparable academic experiences as they would with in-person instruction. Opportunities that would typically be afforded to students in a regular school day—direct instruction and support, peer-to-peer interaction, small-group instruction, independent learning, structured intervention, and multiple means to demonstrate mastery—will be made available in remote learning. 

Remote Learning Summary

Activity Fall 2020

Mode of Learning

Digital: All learning will take place online through the Google Education Suite

Student Engagement/ Attendance

Student attendance will be taken daily.

(Elementary: 1x per day, High School: 1x per course)

Educator Engagement

Teachers will be available for the entirety of the school day.

Real-time Instruction and Independent Learning Activities

Students will receive live, real-time instruction each day. The remainder of their school day will consist of learning activities including check-ins with teachers or small group instruction, independent learning activities including self-directed projects, assignments, and physical activity. 


Return to regular grading practices, as the district will ensure all students have the tools they need to succeed

Illinois State Board of Education Fall 2020 Learning Recommendations

In its Fall 2020 Learning Recommendations, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) states that “all instructional programs, whatever their form, for fall 2020 must be designed with an emphasis on continuity of learning despite the impacts of our national health crises and social unrest.” 

Remote Learning Expectations

The following expectations of schools are informed by lessons learned, stakeholder feedback, Illinois State Board of Education guidance, and emerging best practices. Our goal is to ensure that students experience rigorous, quality learning on a daily basis; engage in experiences that prioritize their social-emotional well-being; and have a clear understanding of what is expected and how to successfully engage in learning. 

During remote learning, each CPS school will:

  1. Use the Google Education Suite to facilitate remote learning. 
  2. Provide daily remote learning that meets instructional minutes requirements for all content areas or courses for all students. 
  3. Ensure all educators are available to provide live video instruction and are synchronously available to students during the entirety of the instructional day.
  4. Focus on grade-level, standards-aligned instruction and students’ social-emotional needs.
  5. Submit and monitor student attendance daily.
  6. Ensure every student has digital access. 
  7. Ensure clear communication with families and students. 
  8. Establish effective structures to facilitate professional development, staff collaboration, planning, feedback and continuous improvement in the remote environment.

Remote Learning Guide

We have developed on online guide to walk you through all aspects of remote learning. Take a moment and explore it now.

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