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Online Reopening Guide


Find all the information and resources you need to be ready for school in one centralized location.

Chicago Public Schools is excited to welcome students back to 5 days of in-person learning next school year.

Check back soon for the latest updates on what school year 2021-2022 will look like.

In-Person and Remote Learning Guides

Whether your student is learning in-person or remotely, explore these two sections to understand what the school day will look like for them.

In-Person Learning Guide


Remote Learning Guide


Health & Safety 

Reopening our schools and buildings will require students and staff to follow new health and safety protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Submit Your Health Screener

All students, staff, and visitors must complete a health screener each day they visit a CPS building.


Pediatric COVID-19 Testing Sites

We are identifying pediatric COVID-19 testing sites in the Chicago area to help families and schools connect symptomatic students to health services.


Our Plan to Reopen

CPS has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to prepare the district for a safe return to in-person learning. Learn more about our equity-centered plan to reopen our schools.

Overview of Our Agreement

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We share a vision of safe and healthy learning environments with the Chicago Teachers Union.


Reopening Guide for Parents

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Learn about the district's plan to support students while they learn in-person or remotely.



Safe & Clean Learning Environment

During a global pandemic, risk exists for any public gathering. However, to mitigate these risks, the district has developed a comprehensive health and safety plan aligned to local, state, and federal guidance.


School Readiness

To ensure CPS is prepared for the safe return of students and staff, we are collecting and sharing data on the status of each of our schools’ facilities and deliveries of devices, HEPA air filters, face coverings, hand sanitizer, and other materials to support our communities’ health and wellness.


Family Training

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Daily Student Health Screening Training Video


Ventilation and Air Purification In Chicago Public Schools


2021 Reopening Return To School - Q3


Ventilation and Air Purification In Chicago Public Schools


2021 Reopening Return To School - Q3

Tracking COVID-19

Actionable Cases

CPS is sharing data about actionable COVID-19 cases to keep the public informed about how the pandemic is affecting the district and its community. Case counts are updated Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) after impacted individuals are notified.

Case counts represent the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases associated with CPS buildings. Case counts are not a measure of transmission in schools and numerous studies have shown that schools are not sites of significant COVID-19 transmission.

Total Reported Actionable Cases


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Reported Actionable Cases by CPS Location


Information About Reporting and Terminology

  • Number of Cases Reflected: Some cases involve individuals who were present in multiple schools. In those cases, the individual is reflected in each school visited where there were close contacts. For that reason, the total number of individuals who tested positive will not match the school-by-school totals in this chart.
  • Administration: Cases under “administration” include cases at any non-school based CPS location.
  • Close Contact: A close contact is defined by the CDC as being within 6 feet of a person with COVID-19 for 15 or more minutes within a 24-hour period during the individual’s contagious period, with or without a mask. All individuals identified as close contacts are instructed to quarantine for 14 calendar days as required by the district and the Chicago Department of Public Health.
  • Pods: Under the district’s reopening plan, students and educators are grouped into pods, or small class sizes of approximately 15 students, to minimize exposure to other students, allow for social distancing, and support contact tracing.
  • Data Entry & Case Confirmation: The data represents new confirmed self-reported, actionable cases and associated actions for the corresponding time period. If a pod was quarantined during the week of 1/10, it is only reflected in that week’s data. Data corresponds with the dates of confirmation of the self-reported case and subsequent notification to the school community, not when an individual began reporting symptoms.
  • Actionable Cases: This data only includes people who were present in CPS buildings during the contagious period.
  • Child or Adult Cases: Due to privacy laws, child and adult case totals are aggregated and are not broken out at the school level.
  • Data Collection Range: Close Contact Quarantine data and Pods in Quarantine data is only available since 1/3/21 and is listed as “N/A” in the Actionable Cases table.

Surveillance Testing 

CPS has implemented a voluntary COVID-19 surveillance testing program for school-based staff.
Surveillance testing is used to measure and monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 among asymptomatic staff in our schools. View the last results of this program here.


CPS Meal Sites

CPS families can pick-up free meals from more than 400 sites during the 2020-2021 school year. Get additional information about meal pick-up processes and the latest updates on availability. 


Summer Meal Site Schedule

Keep track of upcoming meal pick-up dates.

July 25


July 26


9am - 1pm
July 27


9am - 1pm
July 28


9am - 1pm
July 29


9am - 1pm
July 30


9am - 1pm
July 31



* Times are subject to change.

Family Support Numbers

If you need help with questions about back to school and reopening topics, please reach out to one of our support teams. Assistance is available in English and Spanish.


Healthy CPS Hotline

Monday - Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

773-553-KIDS (5437)

Staff Resources

To find the latest resources for all CPS staff on reopening, including guidance documents and training session, please visit the CPS Knowledge Center. 

Launch Knowledge Center