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COVID-19 Vaccination

CPS is working to keep employees informed about the district's COVID-19 vaccination program, and where they can locate vaccination sites. We are also working to support students, parents, and families with accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccines.


How can you get vaccinated?

Starting May 13, all Chicagoans 12 years and older are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Students, parents and community members can get vaccinated in a variety of ways, including at public CPS vaccination events. See a full list of event dates and locations below, or get vaccinated by scheduling an appointment with a vaccine provider.
  • CPS employees and vendor employees can sign up to get vaccinated at a CPS employee vaccination center in addition to making an appointment with a vaccine provider.

Why should everyone get vaccinated?

The COVID-19 vaccine is a safe and effective way to protect yourself and your community. The vaccines teach our immune system how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19, and they have been proven to be effective at preventing severe illness and death from COVID-19. Learn more by exploring the resources below.

An illustration of an arm being vaccinated.

As of March 17, 2021 CPS has offered vaccination opportunities to all employees

How many employee vaccinations has CPS offered?

CPS is closely tracking employee vaccination efforts. The chart below reflects vaccinations through CPS school-based sites, vaccination opportunities through private healthcare partnerships, and vaccinations obtained independently through health care providers. The data draws from CPS vaccination sites and survey reports. This chart will be updated weekly.

  CPS Vaccination Centers Partnerships at non-CPS Sites Independent Providers Confirmed Totals Total Employee Population First Dose Scheduled Survey Response Rate
Confirmed First Dose Totals 9,121 1,307 11,951 22,379 48,138 N/A All:
Teachers 4,191 457 7,438 12,086 22,117 293 61%
Other CTU Members 1,245 290 1,543 3,078 7,631 93 51%
School-Based Administrators 154 220 479 853 1,281 7 82%
Other Employees 3,172 296 1,929 5,397 15,401 148 43%
Network Staff, Citywide Employees, Central Office 359 44 562 965 1,708 28 81%


Data last updated May 7, 2021.

Which CPS staff have been offered vaccinations?

CPS committed to providing vaccination opportunities to all employees in an equitable way as quickly as possible. Our prioritization framework helped guide vaccination opportunities to the staff who experience the highest risk first, and staff who are 65 or older were given priority within their subgroups. ADA or caretaker accommodations did not impact placement in priority groups.

All staff are now eligible to be vaccinated through a CPS vaccination center, their doctor, local pharmacy, or other city- and state-based vaccination sites.

If you have questions about where a specific role not listed falls in the prioritization framework, please reach out to

Group 1

High Exposure: Individuals whose job responsibilities require them to work in close physical proximity with others. Oftentimes these individuals cannot practice social distancing while executing their job responsibilities.

Subgroup 1.1

School-based nutrition staff
School-based security staff
School leaders
Care room attendants

Subgroup 1.2

Bus aides
Cluster program teachers and paraprofessionals
Pre-K teachers and paraprofessionals
Technology coordinators

Group 2

Medium Exposure: Roles that may require regular interaction with other staff members and students where social distancing may not be possible at all times.

Subgroup 2.1

Facilities staff
Other elementary school teachers and paraprofessionals

Subgroup 2.2

Other high school teachers and paraprofessionals

Group 3

Low Exposure: Individuals whose jobs can largely be performed remotely.

Subgroup 3.1

Central and network office staff


The majority of school-based positions not otherwise listed (e.g., College and Career Specialist, Literacy Coach, Military Instructor, School Counselor, School Librarian, Youth Intervention Specialist, and all other school-based positions) are captured in the subgroups of "Other elementary teachers and paraprofessionals" and "Other high school teachers and paraprofessionals".