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Cluster Programs

Cluster students who are continuing to learn remotely will attend classes from home five days per week . 

Remote Days

  • 1. Joining the classroom

    Students will log into their accounts and join the classroom using their computers. 

  • 2. Following classroom procedures

    Students should maintain a distraction free learning space in their home where they can focus on instruction.

  • 3. Instructors and classroom supervision

    Students will begin their day with their homeroom teacher and all instruction will be provided through their computers. Additional teachers could rotate in during the day to lead classes across subjects or to provide breaks for staff.

  • 4. Lunch and breaks throughout the day

    Cluster students will have independent time for lunch as well as short breaks during the school day.

  • 5. Receiving student services

    Related service providers, diverse learner teachers, paraprofessionals, and social emotional learning specialists, among others, will continue to provide student services. These staff members will schedule virtual sessions with fully remote students.

  • Cartoon of a doctor wearing a facemask

    6. Medical services and personal care

    For students needing medical or personal care services requiring support outside the classroom, they will travel with a parent or guardian to receive these specialized services. Staff will have appropriate PPE depending on the specific support and services being provided to the student.

  • 7. Ending the school day

    At the end of the school day, students will log off and exit their computers.