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Chicago Roadmap

The Chicago Roadmap is an unprecedented partnership between CPS and City Colleges of Chicago to support students along a seamless path to and through college on the way to their chosen careers.

Through the Chicago Roadmap, CPS and City College of Chicago (CCC) are transforming their relationship from a successful collaboration to full convergence. By expanding access to high-quality programs, advising and supports, the Chicago Roadmap strives to dramatically and equitably increase student outcomes in college readiness, college enrollment, college persistence, college degree attainment and employment.

The Chicago Roadmap helps college-bound students transition into City Colleges of Chicago through programs that help students earn college credit, improve academic readiness, and learn about career opportunities. Below you'll find more information about the programs offered through the Chicago Roadmap.

Program Access and Completion

Students who earn college credits in high school are more likely to complete a postsecondary credential. Starting early has great benefits, including an introduction to college culture, time management training, confidence of successful coursework completion and reducing the time and cost of a college education. To overcome college enrollment gaps that exist especially for first generation and students from low-income families, structural supports need to be in place so students and families are aware of these opportunities and have guidance navigating the process.

  • Model Pathways

    Traditionally, Career and Technical Education (CTE) has only been offered at large schools, excluding students who attend small schools predominantly located on Chicago’s south and west sides. Through the model pathway approach, students at previously underserved high schools now have access to apprenticeships and an early college curriculum in a high-demand career field such as healthcare, manufacturing, IT or construction beginning their freshman year. Students in Model Pathway schools also have the opportunity to earn 15 college credits and industry recognized certifications such as a certified nursing assistant and other credentials before graduating high school.

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    Summer Start

    The Summer Start transitional program for CPS graduates offers comprehensive support, including financial, academic, and advising as students prepare to attend CCC. It also offers students the opportunity to receive additional college credit, reducing the time and cost to postsecondary degree attainment and improving college persistence, graduation and transfer rates.

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    Enrollment Days

    The Enrollment Days program is intended for CPS students who have selected CCC as their postsecondary school of choice for the fall. Students are invited to their local CCC campus to complete any remaining enrollment steps, including completing FAFSA applications, meeting with college advisors and signing up for classes, all before the school year ends. Students will be welcomed to campus, provided with CCC gear and invited to learn more about services, student programming and more.

Career Readiness

The Roadmap’s vision for career readiness ensures that students have the information, tools, and guidance necessary to cultivate an initial career vision and develop a concrete postsecondary plan to help them achieve their career goals. Beginning in middle school and continuing through CCC completion/transfer, CPS-CCC students will develop employability skills and engage in a coherent progression of work-based learning (WBL) experiences, ideally culminating in an internship, youth apprenticeship or job.

  • Youth Apprenticeships

    Youth Apprenticeships are designed for students between the ages of 16 and 24, and combine academic and technical classroom instruction with work experience. The apprenticeships provide the foundation for students to choose among multiple pathways, including enrolling in college, beginning full-time employment, or a combination.

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    Career Spotlight Days

    Career Spotlight Days are interactive open houses at CCC campuses that are intended to help students explore postsecondary pathways, learn about specific career industries and gain insights on college offerings, such as industry-validated certificates, student service organizations and related trades training.

Academic Readiness

In order to increase the number of students continuing their education after high school and improve their postsecondary and career opportunities, students must be academically prepared before graduating high school, especially in math and English. Successful completion of transitional math and English courses results in direct placement into CCC credit courses without a placement test or other hurdles, reducing the time and expense of taking remedial courses, and helping students graduate sooner.

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    Transitional Coursework

    Transitional Learning is a year-long English or math course offered to students during their senior year of high school, with the goal of providing students the requisite skills for success in college-level courses. Courses are taught by high school teachers who receive preparation and professional development from CCC and key academic departments. Transitional math and English courses are critical to helping students graduate sooner by reducing the time and expense of taking remedial classes in college.

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    College and Career Competency Curriculum

    The College and Career Competency Curriculum (C4) program is designed to ensure that every CPS graduate develops the knowledge and applied skills necessary to succeed in both college and career. C4 is grounded in CPS-designed, industry-vetted student competencies across three distinct domains: foundational skills, career awareness and alignment, and academic and financial readiness for postsecondary.

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