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Learn.Plan.Succeed. Requirements

Learn.Plan.Succeed. is a high school graduation requirement intended to help guide students in reaching postsecondary success. To meet the Learn.Plan.Succeed. requirement, seniors must provide to their school counselor evidence of their postsecondary plans.

Graduating high school is a landmark achievement for students, and we’re making sure it’s not the last! The Learn.Plan.Succeed. (LPS) initiative is a multi-year approach designed to ensure that students and families receive proper planning and support to prepare them for success in college, career and civic life. The initiative consists of a series of supports and includes a high school graduation requirement -- all students must demonstrate evidence of a postsecondary plan prior to graduating high school. 

LPS marks an important shift in the mindset of Chicago Public Schools as it recognizes that student success stems beyond the high school experience.

LPS does four things:

  1. LPS confirms the commitment of Chicago Public Schools to provide a high-quality education to every child by ensuring every student has equitable access to resources and supports to successfully complete, realize and fulfill a concrete postsecondary plan.
  2. LPS is a high school graduation requirement. It requires students to demonstrate evidence of a postsecondary plan prior to graduating high school.
  3. LPS expands the definition of postsecondary to include six pathways: college, military, employment, job training, apprenticeship, and gap year programs. 
  4. LPS ensures that every student is supported and prepared in completing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)—starting in grade 6 and through grade 12—to look beyond high school graduation toward fruitful careers and fulfilling lives.

CPS is committed to the promise that each student will graduate prepared for postsecondary options, and we know that with hard work, perseverance, and a curious mind, each student will realize their fullest potential.

Launch into the Future with Learn. Plan. Succeed.


Learn more about the new graduation requirement Learn. Plan. Succeed. from the Mikva Challenge Mayoral Youth Commission in partnership with Chicago Public Schools' Office of College and Career Success.

Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)

A student’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is at the core of Learn.Plan.Succeed. The ILP guides students through the process of exploring their personal, academic, and career interests and developing a plan for what they are going to do after high school graduation. 

With support and guidance from their school counselor, teachers and parents, students from grades six through 12 work towards achieving goals and specific milestones. The ILP informs students' decisions about courses and activities throughout high school. Students are required to complete their ILP in order to meet the Learn.Plan.Succeed. graduation requirement.

Students access their ILP on SchooLinks, a college and career readiness software platform tool. Parents can ask their school counselor for access to SchooLinks.

Postsecondary Pathways

CPS recognizes six postsecondary options that fulfill the Learn.Plan.Succeed. graduation requirement. With help from school counselors, college and career coaches, teachers, trusted peers and family, students can start to define career goals and develop postsecondary plans.

Learn more about Learn.Plan.Succeed. Postsecondary Pathways.

Students must upload to SchooLinks evidence of their “first choice/preferred” postsecondary commitment prior to their scheduled graduation. School counselors will verify and confirm the evidence in SchooLinks.

If students anticipate that an extreme or extenuating circumstances will prevent them from securing evidence of their postsecondary plan by May 31 of their senior year, they should consult with their school counselor to inquire about alternate options to meet this graduation requirement.

Accepted Types of Evidence

CPS accepts the following types of documents as evidence of a postsecondary plan:

  • College Pathway: Acceptance Letter or Financial Aid Notice
  • Military Pathway: Enlistment contract
  • Employment Pathway: Employment offer letter or confirmation of continuation of employment
  • Job Training Programs Pathway: Acceptance letter
  • Apprenticeship Pathway: Acceptance letter
  • Gap Year Pathway: Acceptance letter

Other evidence is acceptable for each postsecondary pathway. Students should consult with their school counselor to inquire about alternate evidence to meet this graduation requirement.

Learn.Plan.Succeed. (LPS) Progress Reports

Comprehensive, individualized Learn.Plan.Succeed. Progress Reports enable students and their families to have meaningful discussions about preparing for the future and to track a student's progress toward meeting the high school graduation requirements. 

The LPS Progress Report provides the following information: 

  • College Readiness Guide: Overview of potential college options and the student's level of competitiveness based on available academic metrics.
  • High School Graduation Progress: Progress tracker that outlines the number of credits required and earned for each subject in order to graduate.
  • Next Steps: Actionable suggestions the student can discuss with their counselor to stay on-track to graduate and prepare for postsecondary opportunities, including applying to scholarships and exploring opportunities to earn college or career credentials.
  • Career Opportunities: Overview of potential career pathways based on the student's interests, which includes degree and certificate requirements for each career as well as colleges to consider.

View sample LPS Progress Report

View video example of an LPS Progress Report

Progress reports are emailed in .pdf format to all sophomores and juniors at their CPS-issued email in November and April, and to all seniors in November. Parents receive a hard copy of the progress report for each student in grades 10, 11, and 12 at the home address provided to the school.

If you have not received a copy of your student’s Learn.Plan.Succeed. Progress Report by mail, check in with the school counselor to correct the home address and request a duplicate copy.

The report is available to you in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Cantonese. Ask your school counselor to provide the LPS Progress Report in your preferred language.

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