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Naviance Planning Tool

Each student’s path is unique. Students at Chicago Public Schools use the free Naviance software tool to start to figure out their interests and to get some ideas about possible options for life beyond high school.

Naviance Login

Students can log in to Naviance with their CPS email address and password. Parents can request login credentials from their school counselor and use the same link as students to access the login page.

Staff Login Student Login

Beginning in sixth grade, CPS students start using Naviance to explore their interests and think about their futures. By starting conversations and exploration as early as possible, CPS prepares students to make decisions about their life after high school graduation. 

Students continue using Naviance tools and resources throughout high school to support their postsecondary planning. Additionally, students upload evidence of their postsecondary plan into Naviance to fulfill the Learn.Plan.Succeed. graduation requirement.

Specifically for college planning, students use Naviance to research colleges of interest and determine schools that are the best fit for their personal and career goals, academic performance, and college entrance exam results from the SAT and/or ACT. Naviance is used to collect information that can be transferred to college applications, manage student-counselor communications and college recommendation requests, and track applications that have been submitted to schools.

Students use their CPS email address and password to log in to their account in Naviance. Parents can speak to their student's counselor about gaining access to Naviance to view their student's college and career information and support their student in making good decisions.

Naviance Features

Students can use these Naviance tools to explore their interests and strengths, and to research possible careers and postsecondary schools.

Career Interest Profiler

The Career Interest Profiler is designed to help students discover the types of work activities and careers that match their interests. Students complete a survey and are asked to consider whether they would like or dislike particular work activities if they had a chance to do them. Based on their responses, the Career Interest Profiler ranks their top three interests and provides a list of occupations that match students' interests.

Career Cluster Finder

The Career Cluster Finder matches students' interests and personal qualities to careers that may be a good match for them. The more students know about where their strengths lie, and what their interests are, the more they can make informed decisions about courses, activities, and eventually career interests that they might want to pursue.

Super Match

The Super Match college search tool assists students in exploring and discovering colleges that are a fit with what the student is looking for in a college experience and a match with the student's academic profile.

Resume Builder

The Naviance resume tool provides a framework to guide you through the process of building a resume. You can create multiple resumes to serve different types of opportunities.

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