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COVID-19 Data for SY22-23

The CPS COVID-19 Data Dashboard provides parents, staff, students, and other community members with timely, accurate, and useful information about how COVID-19 is impacting our school communities in School Year 2022-23.

Tracking and publishing COVID-19 cases in a district with hundreds of thousands of students, over 40,000 permanent staff, and over 500 district-run schools can be extremely complex. As the pandemic has evolved, our dashboard has evolved to include the most relevant data. So before you dive into the numbers, please take a moment to read about how we currently collect and report the information in our dashboard. Please keep in mind that numbers are dynamic and subject to change.

Daily District Cases


Total Cases




Eligible Student Vaccination Rates


District Completed Vaccination Course

Non-District Completed Vaccination Course


Students Opted In To Testing



Opted In

Staff and Student COVID-19 Screening Testing



CPS Employee Vaccination and Testing Stats

CPS is closely tracking employee vaccination efforts. The chart below reflects CPS staff’s vaccination status as obtained through our district-run vaccination sites and self-reported survey reports as well as the current number of employees currently participating in weekly testing.

  Vaccinated Vaccinated w Booster Approved Medical/Religious Exemption Not Vaccinated /Status Unknown
Totals 61.1% 28.6% 3.6% 6.7%
Teachers 13,134 8,589 722 487
Other CTU Members (subs, PSRPs, nurses) 4,466 1,725 293 704
School-Based Administrators 666 538 41 10
Other Employees (ESP, hourly, misc.) 11,168 2,512 717 2,041
Network Staff, Citywide Employees, Central Office 877 802 47 62

Note: Data last updated November 28, 2022.

Version Notes

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