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Health Screener

Students, staff and visitors should complete the Daily Health Screener before arriving at a school that has opted to use the online check-in process. Review the Self Screener before arriving at any other school.

Daily Health Screener Instructions

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Some CPS schools have opted to use an online form called the Daily Health Screener to verify that students, staff and visitors are healthy before entering the building. If your school has opted to use the Daily Health Screener, complete the check-in process through the link below for each person visiting the school building each day.

Start Screener

Self Screener Instructions

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For schools that are not using the digital Daily Health Screener check-in process, families, staff, and visitors are still required to run through the list of questions below before leaving home each day.

IMPORTANT: If the individual answers YES to any of the self-screening questions below, the individual must not enter a CPS school or facility. We thank you for your cooperation and invite you to contact a school or call our Back-to-School Hotline at (773) 553-KIDS (5437) with any questions or concerns.