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American Indian Education Program

CPS provides support to American Indian students through the CPS American Indian Education Program and the American Indian Family Resource Center located at Field Elementary School.

CPS is committed to ensuring that each American Indian and Alaska Native child within our district has equal access to educational opportunities citywide. We provide supportive services to students and families and a professional development program for teachers of indigenous students. The CPS American Indian Education Program is funded by federal grants and managed by the Office of Multilingual - Multicultural Education (OMME).

Services for students and families:

  • After-school tutoring and summer academic programs to Native American students identified as needing academic support in reading and math.
  • Academic programs that support student achievement and promote graduation.
  • Cultural programs that teach Native American culture and build community among our indigenous students from across the city.
  • Workshops designed for parents of Native American students focusing on CPS initiatives and educational opportunities.

Eligibility for Services: Form ED506

All American Indian and Alaska Native students enrolled in Chicago Public Schools must complete Form ED506 (available from the CPS American Indian Education Program website) to be eligible for services under the Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant Program. When complete, return the form by mail, fax or email: 

CPS Office of Language and Cultural Education
American Indian Education Program
7019 N. Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60626
GSR #32 

773-534-2189 (Fax)

Multilingual - Multicultural Education


773-553-1931 (Fax)

42 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60602