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Vending Machine Program

Program Overview

During the 2017–18 school year, Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) Nutrition Support Services (NSS) department in conjunction with the Office of Student Health and Wellness (OSHW) implemented a district-wide Healthy Vending Program in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Smart Snacks program and in line with the district’s Local School Wellness Policy for Students

Two partners were selected to provide exclusive vending services in all CPS buildings: 

  • PepsiCo manages all beverage vending machines and 
  • Global Vending Service manages all snack vending machines.


Schools and the CPS SCORE! Program earn commissions on net product sales as follows:

  Commission Percentage
Program Schools CPS SCORE!
Beverage Vending 17.00% 17.85%
Snack Vending 17.00% 4.25%

Commissions are loaded to school budget lines monthly in Oracle via the following fund and grant combinations:

  • Fund # 124 and Grant #000320 (for Beverage Vending Services)
  • Fund # 124 and Grant #000321 (for Snack Vending Services).

Program Contacts

General inquiries regarding the vending program may be directed to NSS and OSHW at

Maintenance requests (such as refund requests and requests to add, remove, refill or repair machines) should be directed to the appropriate vending machine vendor as follows:

Beverage Vending (PepsiCo). For:

  • Machine refills, call 773-893-2300.
  • Machine outages (example - the machine is not working), call 866-997-3774 or contact the assigned Key Account Manager (KAM).  
  • Refunds for products that failed to dispense, contact the assigned PepsiCo KAM.
  • To add or remove machines, email

Snack Vending (Global Vending Services)

For all service requests, including adding, removing, refilling, repairing machines or obtaining refunds for products that failed to dispense, contact Jay Holstein at