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CPS Farm to School

The CPS Farm to School program integrates local food in the dining center, growing food in the school garden, and nutrition education in the classroom.

Local Food in CPS Dining Centers

CPS regularly serves produce and protein procured within 350 miles in all CPS dining centers. Local fresh and frozen produce and protein is available every week.

Eat What You Grow

The Eat What You Grow program provides students in more than 400 CPS schools the opportunity to grow and harvest their own food and learn about agricultural engineering and food safety. Upon certification from the CPS Eat What You Grow program, food produced in school gardens may be served in the classroom. Eat What You Grow training will be available online, starting School Year 2021-22.

Interested in having your school participate in the Eat What You Grow Program? Email

Farm to School Visits

Farmers and food producers visit Pre-K through 12th grade classrooms to discuss local foods served in the dining center, school garden activities, and food system education. Students sample local foods while producers share their story and role within the local food system for a farm to school approach to nutrition education. There will also be opportunities for schools to visit hyper-local farm locations within the city to see first hand how production farms in an urban context are run.

Learn more about Farm to School

Visit the Farm to School website for details about our program to integrate local food in the dining center and growing food in the school garden.


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