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Alternative Safety Recommendations

CPS partnered with five Community-Based Organizations in a collaborative effort to develop trauma-informed Whole School Safety Programs as alternatives to the School Resource Officer Program.

CPS has engaged community organizations to help design a process to develop a menu of trauma-informed approaches to safety for school communities to consider as alternatives to the School Resource Officer program. Through an unprecedented partnership, the five selected community based organizations will lead community engagement and develop safety solutions to share with the district as potential options for schools to adopt.

Once completed, these alternative safety options will be presented to the school safety committees and Local School Councils of all 55 schools that currently have the SRO program. During the budget planning season, these school communities will create Whole School Safety Committees to prepare a safety plan. CPS has committed to developing equitable funding opportunities to implement safety plans at any of these schools as they review and consider the Whole School Safety Recommendations.

Selected and Lead Community Based Organizations Include:

We are excited to share the recommendations for the Whole School Safety Safety Alternatives. Take time to read the Whole School Safety Steering Committee report or watch the Board of Education presentation.

Please see our Whole School Safety news coverage below:

Please check back for additional updates as they become available.

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