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Magnet Schools - Elementary

A magnet school is a specialized school that focuses its curriculum on one particular subject area, such as math/science, humanities, Montessori, or world language. The system currently has a total of 38 elementary magnet schools.

Most elementary magnet schools do not have attendance boundaries, which means that all interested students must submit an application, even if they live close to the school. In addition, in most cases, magnet schools provide school bus transportation to students who live more than 1.5 miles but less than 6 miles from the school. Contrary to widely held beliefs, magnet elementary schools do not provide an accelerated curriculum – they are designed for all students, and students are randomly selected through a computerized lottery.

Application Information

Eligibility Requirements for Magnet Elementary Schools

There are no eligibility requirements for magnet elementary schools, with the exception of the age requirement to enter kindergarten (five years old, on or before September 1st) and first grade (six years old, on or before September 1st).

Note that for Inter-American Magnet School, students applying to grades 3-8 must already be proficient in Spanish to participate in the Dual Language Immersion program.

Student Selection Process

Students are selected for available seats through a computerized lottery, which ensures that all applicants have an equal chance to be selected. The computer program randomly selects students to fill the spaces in each grade. Selection is conducted in accordance with the tier system outlined in the admissions policy for magnet, selective enrollment and other Options for Knowledge programs.

For magnet schools, there are four possible types of lotteries:

  • Sibling lottery: conducted only for students who have a brother or sister in the same household who already attends the school to which the student is applying, and who will still be enrolled in that school in the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Staff preference lottery: conducted only for students applying to a school where their parent or guardian is a member of the staff.
  • Proximity lottery: conducted for students who live within a 1.5-mile radius of the elementary magnet school. (Note: If more than 50 percent of the entire student body is comprised of students within the proximity, and if more than 50 percent of the student body is any one racial or ethnic group, no proximity lottery will be held for that school.) The proximity lottery is conducted for entry-grade levels only. For most elementary schools, the entry-grade level is kindergarten. In the three Montessori magnet schools -- Drummond, Mayer, and Suder -- the entry-grade level is the three-year-old prekindergarten, and in Inter-American Magnet School, the entry-grade level is the four-year-old prekindergarten. Proximity lotteries are not conducted for non-entry-level grades.
  • General lottery: conducted for all students not included in the sibling or proximity lotteries (Note: for the entry grade level, the seats for the general lottery are divided equally among the four tiers).


Students who are not selected for a seat through the computerized lottery are assigned a seat on a waitlist. After the available spaces in each grade are filled through the computerized lottery, waitlist numbers are randomly assigned, beginning with number 1, to the remaining students in each category. Parents of students who are selected in the lottery are given approximately three weeks to accept an offered space. After the deadline for accepting an offer, principals must fill any remaining spaces through the waiting list, beginning with number 1 and selecting students based on their category.

For example, if a student was selected in the sibling lottery and the parent does not accept the space, the principal will contact the parent of the first student on the sibling waiting list for that grade to offer him/her the available space. If this student declines the offer, the principal will contact the second student on the sibling waiting list for that grade, and so on. Principals are not allowed to contact students outside of the waiting list order, and offers must be made to replace students in the same category. For instance, a principal cannot offer a space to the student who is number 1 on a waiting list and then skip the next five students to offer a space to the student who is number 6 on the list. As another example, a principal cannot attempt to fill a space declined by a student from the sibling category by offering the space to a student on the general waiting list, unless the sibling waitlist has been exhausted. (When parents of waitlisted students are contacted, they will be given 24-48 hours to accept or decline a seat. Be sure to include at least one telephone number on your application where you can be reached at all times.)

NOTE: If your child is currently on a waitlist from last year’s application process, and you have not yet received an offer for the current school year, you will need to reapply for the 2018-2019 school year if you want to be considered for that year. Waitlists are not maintained from year to year.


Applying to Magnet Elementary Schools

The regular application process for magnet elementary schools is closed for the 2018-2019 school year. However, you still have an opportunity to apply!

An End-of-Year application process will be offered in late May or early June that consists of magnet, magnet cluster and open enrollment schools that still have seats available. Please contact the Office of Access and Enrollment in May for more information on this process.

For information on how to apply to magnet schools for the 2019-2020 school year, please return to this website in September 2018.

List of Elementary Magnet Schools

To view the school's profile, click on the school name.

Beasley Academic Center

5255 S. State St.

(773) 535-1230

Black Magnet School

7133 S. Coles Ave. (K-3)

(773) 535-6395

9101 S. Euclid Ave. (4-8)

(773) 535-6390

Burnside Scholastic Academy

650 E. 91st Pl.

(773) 535-3300

Davis Magnet Academy

6740 S. Paulina St.

(773) 535-9120

Disney Magnet School

4140 N. Marine Dr.

(773) 534-5840

Disney II Magnet School

3815 N. Kedvale Ave. (K-6)

(773) 534-3750

3900 N. Lawndale Ave. (7-8)

(773) 534-3750

Drummond Montessori School

1845 W. Cortland St.

(773) 534-4120

Ericson Scholastic Academy

3600 W. Fifth Ave.

(773) 534-6660

Franklin Fine Arts Center

225 W. Evergreen Ave.

(773) 534-8510

Frazier International Magnet School

4027 W. Grenshaw Ave.

(773) 534-6880

Galileo Scholastic Academy

820 S. Carpenter St.

(773) 534-7070

Gallistel Language Academy

10347 W. Ewing Ave.

(773) 535-6540

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

3319 N. Clifton Ave.

(773) 534-5550

Inter-American Magnet School

851 W. Waveland Ave.

(773) 534-5490

Jackson, Andrew Language Academy

1340 W. Harrison St.

(773) 534-7000

Jensen Scholastic Academy

3030 W. Harrison St.

(773) 534-6840

Kanoon Magnet School

2233 S. Kedzie Ave.

(773) 534-1736

Kershaw Magnet: An IB World School

6450 S. Lowe Ave.

(773) 535-3050

LaSalle Language Academy

1734 N. Orleans St.

(773) 534-8470

LaSalle II Magnet School

1148 N. Honore St.

(773) 534-0490

Mayer Magnet School

2250 N. Clifton Ave.

(773) 534-5535

Murray Language Academy

5335 S. Kenwood Ave.

(773) 535-0585

Newberry Math/Science Academy

700 W. Willow St.

(773) 534-8000

Owen Scholastic Academy

8247 S. Christiana Ave.

(773) 535-9330

Pershing Magnet School for the Humanities

3113 S. Rhodes Ave.

(773) 534-9272

Randolph Magnet School

7316 S. Hoyne Ave.

(773) 535-9015

Sabin Magnet School

2216 W. Hirsch St.

(773) 534-4490

Saucedo Scholastic Academy

2850 W. 24th Blvd.

(773) 534-1770

Sheridan Math/Science Academy

533 W. 27th St.

(773) 535-9120

Smyth Magnet School

1059 W. 13th St.

(773) 534-7180

STEM Magnet Academy

1522 W. Fillmore St.

(773) 534-7300

Stone Scholastic Academy

6239 N. Leavitt St.

(773) 534-2045

Suder Magnet School

2022 W. Washington Blvd.

(773) 534-7685

Thorp, O.A. Scholastic Academy

6024 W. Warwick Ave.

(773) 534-3640

Turner-Drew Language Academy

9300 S. Princeton Ave.

(773) 535-5720

Vanderpoel Magnet School for the Humanities

9510 S. Prospect Ave.

(773) 535-2690

Wildwood World Magnet

6950 N. Hiawatha Ave.

(773) 534-1188

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