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Personalized Learning (PL)

Personalized Learning (PL) supports teachers and schools to implement a personalized approach to education. Through PL, each student is provided with a tailored experience that changes the path, place, and pace of learning to meet their needs, interests, and strengths.

Personalized Learning

42 W. Madison St
Chicago, IL 60602

We provide schools and educators with the resources, support, and professional development opportunities needed to adopt personalized learning—a learner-driven instructional model that fosters 21st century skills by empowering every student to actively co-design their learning path, pace, and environment according to their individual strengths, needs, and interests. 

Students that attend a PL school or whose teacher is implementing PL practices will be asked about who they are, what they enjoy, what they struggle with, how they like to learn, where they like to learn, and what their learning goals are. Each student will be provided with the opportunity to set goals, work towards achieving those goals, and reflect on their learning experience for the future. Most educators implementing PL also rely heavily on social-emotional practices to get to know their students while building their capacity to learn. 

If you have questions about personalized learning or want to find out if your student's school is participating, please contact us.

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