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External Volunteers

Requirements for External Volunteers

This page provides a brief overview of the requirements for external volunteer organizations that seek to introduce and engage in electronic messaging (e.g., cell phone, email, text, social media, blast communication) in support of our students. These areas are governed by the standards adopted in CPS acceptable use policies.

Please note that this page does not address the background check requirement for volunteers or their organizations.

Volunteer Programs Requiring Electronic Communication

To continue moving forward with our AUP strategy, CPS is in the process of issuing guidelines for the acceptable use of technology as it applies to our external organizations.

If the volunteer program does not require electronic communication between volunteers and students, no ITS outreach is necessary. If the volunteer program requires electronic communication, the volunteer organization is required to complete the AUP Program Exception survey to engage CPS’ department of Information & Technology Services (ITS).

Note: In most cases, texts and phone calls to students will remain prohibited. In some instances, email may be permitted if the volunteer contacts the student through the student’s CPS email address.

Use of Personal Email and/or Personal Cell Phone

If a volunteer organization seeks to communicate electronically with students via personal email and/or personal cell phone, the completion of the AUP Program Exception survey is the sole requirement.

Use of Third Party Communication Platforms

If a volunteer organization seeks to communicate electronically with students via a third party communications platform (e.g., Blackboard or Remind), an additional form must be completed by the third party vendor.

The vendor is required to complete the Information Security survey, which will be evaluated by ITS to determine if these messaging tools adhere to District security standards. The information security audit entails an examination of the prospective partner’s technical security and process controls.

Next Steps

Upon completion of the AUP Program Exception survey and/or the Platform Information Security Review by ITS, the CPS Program Review Committee will review the request and provide the Children First Fund team with a verdict on which communications channels, if any, are acceptable in support of the program. Please allow 5-10 business days for the committee to determine their verdict. If the program exception is approved, the CIO will update the CEO program exceptions list on the Acceptable Use Policy.