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International Teachers

CPS offers robust World Language and Bilingual/English as a Second Language programming to students from around the world.

Our World Language programming offers 10 languages of instruction, plus American Sign Language. Our World Language programs in over 200 schools reach nearly 100,000 students. Our ELL population represents 18% of students, over 65,000 children, speaking dozens of native languages.

Our Need: CPS faces World Language and bilingual teacher shortages (particularly around “hard-to-staff” languages).

Our Goal: We aim to enhance language acquisition and increase cultural understanding so our students can become competent global citizens.

Our International Teacher Program: Through partnerships with Education and Culture Ministries and Universities, CPS recruits, screens, sponsors, and employs teachers on a J-1 visa for 3 academic years. Exchange Teachers apply, take an English proficiency test, and interview with district officials and principals to participate.

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Benefits for Teachers

  • May travel freely to and from their home country during school holidays

  • Are full CPS employees, compensated based on their educational profile

  • Host culture activities in their CPS schools three times per year and facilitate partnerships with schools in their home country

Benefits for Foreign Governments

  • Provide international professional development opportunities for educators

  • Build relationships with American administrators and communities of expatriates

  • Potential for post-to-post exchanges

Current Partner Countries:

  • Spain

  • China

  • Japan

  • Philippines

We currently can sponsor teachers who are natives and current residents of one of our partner countries. Please contact the Talent Office ( with additional questions.

More information about the J-1 visa issued through the United States government, including eligibility criteria, can be found on the J-1 visa website maintained by the US Department of State.