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Principal Eligibility

Principal Candidate Pool

The CPS Principal Candidate Pool (Pool) is the District's talent bench for Principals. Members of the Pool are individuals who have met the minimum qualifications to become a CPS Principal. Membership in the Pool is a requirement to obtain a Principal position in district-governed schools in alignment with the CPS Principal Eligibility Policy (Policy).

Principal Eligibility Process

Successful completion of the CPS Principal Eligibility (Eligibility) process is a requirement to become a member of the Pool and, thus, a CPS principal. Aspiring principals must pass the Eligibility process before they can be selected for a contract, interim, or acting principal position. This applies to all candidates, internal and external alike, and ensures that schools have the most qualified principal candidates prepared to succeed from the first day on the job.
The Eligibility process requires current and aspiring principals to demonstrate evidence of leadership experience related to the CPS Principal Competencies that have resulted in positive school-wide student outcomes across multiple grade levels and subject areas.

Mission: Identify, develop, support, and retain strong principal leaders who are dedicated to student success in CPS.

Vision: Every Chicago Public School has a strong leader providing opportunities for all students to achieve their fullest potential.

Department of Principal Quality


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