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How to Become a Vendor

Chicago Public Schools works with vendors locally and nationally to provide high quality goods and services to CPS students and staff. Companies and organizations wanting to partner in business with CPS have opportunities to become sponsored vendors or respond to a solicitation.

There are two ways to become a vendor for Chicago Public Schools:

  • 1. Contract

    Become a Contract Vendor via a Bid or an RFP/RFQ

    If your firm is interested in seeking a contract award, visit Contracting Opportunities and follow the instructions to respond to the solicitation (bids, request for proposals or request for qualifications). The Procurement Department releases solicitations daily for the general public and re-qualified contractors.

  • 2. Sponsorship

    Obtain a Sponsorship from a CPS Principal, Network Chief, or Department Director.

    Schools, Departments, and Networks who plan on using your goods or services must file a sponsorship to onboard your firm as a new vendor. This process must be initiated by CPS and approved by CPS, not the vendor.

    Once a sponsorship begins, the vendor will be required to complete an onboarding process, which will be directed by the Procurement Department.

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The Department of Procurement does not accept unsolicited vendor applications. This means we do not on-board vendors who have not won a contract through our Solicitation process or who schools do not have the intent to use.

Vendor FAQs

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Supplier Payments

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Contracting Opportunities

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Procurement Policies

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Approved CPS Purchase Order Requirement

Chicago Public Schools Board Rule 7-1(b) requires that all CPS vendors must obtain an approved Purchase Order (PO) prior to providing any goods or services.

If you deliver goods and/or provide services to a CPS School or Department without an approved purchase order, payment is not guaranteed and invoice processing may be delayed.

Important Reminders for Vendors

Before applying to become a vendor with CPS, read through these reminders regarding policies, guidelines, and requirements. 

Department of Procurement


773-553-2251 (Fax)

Vendors/External Users, please submit your questions via Procurement Customer Service Request Form.

CPS Internal Users, please submit your questions via Procurement School Support.